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One Track Mind: John McLaughlin, "Recovery" (2011)

Guitarist John McLaughlin, decades after his audacious late 1960s’ stateside debut with Tony Williams and Miles Davis, has lost none of his power, virtuosity and vision

Half Notes: Groove Collective – Groove Collective (1994)

Even though it’s really a dance record, I loved the old-school touches from Groove Collective — like an organ, vibes and a flute (memorably tooted on “Rashaanasong” from this self-titled release). It’s like Basie by way of Bootsy. When the cacophony crescendoes, there’s even the pure fusion expansiveness of turn-of-the-1970s Miles Davis. Throughout, however, is a raw, steady, very modernRead More

Isis – In The Absence Of Truth (2006)

by Tom Johnson I like to think of Isis as the band that Tool wishes it could be. Call me jaded, but by this time, Tool had become entangled in plots created to baffle and obfuscate rather than intrigue and draw listeners in, being what they think is clever but what really winds up being just tiring and boring afterRead More

Satoko Fujii – ETO, Watershed and Rafale (2011)

Our favorite avant gardist from Japan Satoko Fujii is at it again, releasing at once a new batch of records of distinct character.

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Growin' Up" (1973)

I wrote a Friday Morning Listen that was a mashup of Joe Jackson, Bruce, Clarence, and Fellini. I was nervous about a bunch of things that day, not the least of which was the health of Clarence.