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Radiohead – Hail to the Thief (2003)

I wanted to love this. I originally heard the “pre-release” mp3s that slipped out, and I was enthused at what appeared to be a return to the “classic” Radiohead sound of OK Computer and The Bends.

Half Notes: Turtleboy – Smart Matter (2011)

More on our series on “weird-assed trios”… Tenor saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst and guitarist Ryan Butler went down to the Village Vanguard in New York five years ago to catch a Paul Motian Trio show, and got to meet with Motian Trio members Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano afterwards. The whole experience inspired them to start their own sax/guitar/drums trio andRead More

Guilty pleasures: Poison – Open Up and Say … Aah! (1988)

by Fred Phillips In the circle of music fans that I normally find myself in, mentioning Poison is usually not a good idea. Bands with poof hair and makeup — unless, of course, it’s corpse paint — will usually get you laughed out of the conversation.

Half Notes: Luscious Jackson – In Search of Manny (1994)

While the all-girl Luscious Jackson made all kinds of concessions by including then-hip back beats and low-key rhymes, Manny still aspires to a groovy article of faith. (It’s something they shared with the Beastie Boys, who ran the label this album appeared on.) Even now, there’s an involving adventurousness here — in particular in the intertwining voices of Jill andRead More

Half Notes: Falkner Evans – The Point Of The Moon (2011)

Being from the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Falkner Evans might be a jazz pianist, but he’s travelled through other styles of music before settling there permanently, even served as a member of country swing band Asleep At The Wheel in the early 80’s. Since around the turn of the millennium, he’s led his own jazz trio with Matt Wilson onRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: John Mellencamp – Uh-Huh (1983)

We had the “official” start of summer a little over a week ago, by I’ve always felt that the 4th of July weekend was when summer stepped into its full bloom.