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Honey Ear Trio – Steampunk Serenade (2011)

Listening to Allison Miller’s superb CD from last year Boom Tic Boom, I appreciated how it covered a lot of ground within advanced modern jazz, helped along by such sympathetic supporting players in this piano jazz trio. But that album still left me wondering where this ace drummer, composer and bandleader was going to head next. Perhaps Miller herself didn’tRead More

Roomful of Blues – Raisin' a Ruckus (2007)

by Mark Saleski “What? You’ve never head any Roomful of Blues?” I tell you, I’ve asked that question far too many times. They’ve gone through many lineup changes through the years, and their list of alumni includes Duke Robillard, Ron Levy, Sugar Ray Norcia, and Ronnie Earl. Why they’re not more well known is beyond me. If you’re looking forRead More

Ben Folds – Speed Graphic (2003)

by Tom Johnson Ben Folds opened this EP (Speed Graphic refers to the camera seen on the sleeve) with the Cure’s “In Between Days.” While staying true to the Cure’s sound, he managed to inject an extra little dose of his hopeful optimism into the song: It’s just a quality of his soft, youthful voice that he always sounds optimistic,Read More

Half Notes: King Crimson – Thrak (1995)

by Tom Johnson Just because King Crimson is one of my all-time favorites doesn’t mean that I have to trot out the old standard In the Court of the Crimson King. I don’t particularly care for it, regardless of its standing as a prog-classic. The one that I return to, time and time again, is 1995’s Thrak. Not because itRead More

Half Notes: Trey Anastasio – Bar 17 (2006)

by Tom Johnson Poor Trey. Not only did he get wrapped up in dealing with a major label in 2005 with Shine, he also had to deal with the double-whammy of two decidedly non-fan friendly formats that Columbia insisted on releasing the album through, the shoddy DualDisc format and the now notorious virus-laden copy-protected discs put out by head companyRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Mystery Bear – Sublimation (2008)

I have again entered the musical aesthetics zone. The usual question is “Why do I like that?” This time around, I want to get a little more general: Why does anybody like (or dislike) anything? How do people decide