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Jon Anderson – Survival and Other Stories (2011)

Too often, it was like Jon Anderson didn’t want to make a solo record that sounded too much like Yes. As interesting as these sideroads no doubt were, they gave few clues to how his own voice fit into the wider topography of the band.

One Track Mind: ANT-BEE, featuring Peter Banks, "Endless Journey" (2011)

“Endless Journey,” a thrilling little space-rock number by ANT-BEE, begins appropriately enough: With a countdown and then a rocket launch. The unmistakable tone of Peter Banks’ guitar floats by next

Jon Anderson on Yes’ “Roundabout,” “Gates of Delirium” + others: Gimme Five

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to Jon Anderson

Something Else! Interview: Former Yes frontman Jon Anderson

After a difficult bout with respiratory problems, Jon Anderson has returned with a furious creativity, beginning with last year’s successful collaboration with fellow Yes alum Rick Wakeman. A forthcoming solo release, set for late spring, is to be part

One Track Mind: Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, "23-24-11" (2010)

“In the darkness,” Jon Anderson sings on this haunting track, “there is always a song for you.” His road back to us has been dark, indeed

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes has taken more twists and turns than the fantastical lettering created for its album covers by Roger Dean.

The Friday Morning Listen: Yes – Tales From Topographic Oceans (1974)

The Friday Morning Listen: Yes – Tales From Topographic Oceans (1974)

“Betsy — I wish you the very very best! Nous Sommes Du Soleil. Peace & Love always, Neal.”

Steve Howe Trio – Travelling (2010)

Howe’s long and distinguished résumé as a guitarist for Yes, Asia, GTR and several frethead albums under his own name has been more than enough to put him in the elite category among rock guitar players. Even after all that, Travelling needs to be highlighted because it captures Howe in an entirely different environment: organ-based soul jazz. The Steve HoweRead More

One Track Mind: Spock’s Beard, "South Side Of The Sky" (2002)

Alright, confession time. There are large areas of the musical landscape I listen to pretty regularly but haven’t written about and probably never will. And there’s various reasons for that. For instance, popular releases are bound to be well covered elsewhere, adding my thoughts to it just seems redundant. Then there is the time factor, as in, so much music,Read More