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Hafez Modirzadeh – Post-Chromodal Out! (2012)

Microtonal music theory teaches us, among other things, that being “out of tune” is a relative concept. What might sound off key to someone accustomed to strictly Western culture won’t sound that way at all

One Track Mind: The Joel Harrison 7, "Whipping Post" (2012)

Here’s a guitarist with a version of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post.” Think you know how this is gonna go, right? If you do, you didn’t consider that Joel Harrison isn’t into predictable music.

Harris Eisenstadt – Canada Day III and Canada Day Octet (2012)

Toronto born, New York based drummer Harris Eisenstadt has taken the master route for learning the ins and outs of modern creative jazz music

Joe Morris/ William Parker/ Gerald Cleaver – Altitude (2012)

Not long after Joe Morris and William Parker signed up with the then-fledging AUM Fidelity record label specializing in improvised music, AUM founder Steven Joerg and Morris talked about making a trio record

Vinny Golia Sextet – Abstractions and Retrocausalities (2011)

It used to be, “West Coast jazz” meant Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Manne and Chet Baker. When thinking of West Coast jazz today, my thoughts tend toward Scott Amendola, Alex Cline, Sarah Wilson, Will Bernard, Rich Halley, Jeff Gauthier

Rich Halley 4 – Back From Beyond (2012)

The name changed a little bit, but not the lineup: the Rich Halley 4 is the same Rich Halley Quartet who last year gave us the stunning Requiem For A Pit Viper

Johnny DeBlase Quartet – Composites (2012)

Johnny DeBlase plays bass for a couple of thrash-jazz bands, including one of my personal favorites, Many Arms.

Henry Threadgill – Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp (2012)

Henry Threadgill is an improviser of the highest order, not because he can improvise on his saxophone or flute, but because he also impovises well with the structure of the song. That creates a unique kind disruption in his music

Giacomo Merega, Noah Kaplan, Marco Cappelli – Watch the Walls Instead (2012)

Italian electric bassist Giacomo Merega once again gets together with saxophonist Noah Kaplan and guitarist Marco Cappelli for a set of rhythm-less free form improvisations Watch the Walls Instead.

Wadada Leo Smith – Ten Freedom Summers (2012)

We tend to think of musicians who have been able to keep coming forth with creative, fresh ideas with nearly every attempt in the past tense. Mozart, Ellington, Miles, The Beatles are a few who can fit into that category but they are of long past eras.