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Unboxing Music: Black Music Disaster – S/T (2012)

The Internet is chock full of “Unboxing” videos, the so-called “new geek porn.” I don’t find them particularly interesting but that’s because I’m fairly certain I’m not part of their target audience.

David Fiuczynski – Planet Microjam (2012)

One surefire way to know if your ears are trained to listen to European-derived music forms is to listen to microtonal music for even just a few seconds. If it strikes you as exotic and weird, then you are most attuned to Western style music

Mary Halvorson Quintet – Bending Bridges (2012)

“Bending Bridges,” reveals Mary Halvorson, “is a title I came up with in a semi-conscious state”, the same as how most of the titles in her songs come about.

One Track Mind: The Thirteenth Assembly, "Nosedive" (2011)

Anyone who has heard Mary Halvorson perform even just once has likely caught her trademark move: the sudden burst of notes quavering, akin to hitting the whammy bar but with a little more nuance.

One Track Mind: Ergo with Mary Halvorson, "The Widening Gyre" (2012)

For their third album, the offbeat experimental jazz-rock trio Ergo brought in a few guest performers to shake things up a bit.

Half Notes: Aaron Novik – Secrets Of Secrets (2012)

Clarinetists don’t typically have a reputation of being adventurous (our own Mort Weiss notwithstanding), but it isn’t for the lack of such practitioners as Ben Goldberg and Chris Speed working hard to punch holes into those perceptions. Add Aaron Novik to that list of clarinet insurgents. Novik, who once studied under Greenberg, has likewise reached back to ancient Hebrew musicRead More

Many Arms – Many Arms (2012)

Music that’s noisy and unconstrained aren’t all the same, and the best hardcore experimental bands understand that merely creating chaos is not enough; the chaos is best created in an orderly way.

Tomas Fujiwara and the Hook Up – The Air Is Different (2012)

The music of Tomas Fujiwara and his Hook Up band is some of the most deceptively clever jazz out there, which makes it very difficult to describe his music.

Ches Smith’s Congs For Brums – Psycho Predictions (2012)

What might sound to the casual ear like goofing around in the studio is actually a drumming genius at work.

It's a Gebhard Ullmann Two-Fer!: BassX3 – Transatlantic and The Clarinet Trio – 4 (2012)

The multi-talented reedist Gebhard Ullmann splits his time between his native Berlin and New York but more impressively, he also splits his time leading or co-leading no less than eight workings bands