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Johnny Cash – Out Among the Stars (2014)

Johnny Cash – Out Among the Stars (2014)

You’d probably assume that 1981’s The Baron, produced by countrypolitan pioneer Billy Sherrill, would do little to suggest where Johnny Cash would end up a little over a decade later with the American Recordings series.

Gimme Five: Country Artists That Metal Fans Should Know

Gimme Five: Country Artists That Metal Fans Should Know

A couple of personal comments I’ve received over the last few days from my annual Country and Southern Rock List got me thinking a little about the best entry points for metal folks into the country world.

Fred Phillips’ Top Albums for 2012: Country and Southern Rock

This is the first time that I’ve ever enjoyed enough records from the country and Southern rock genres to put together a list. Maybe I’m getting old and turning into that country music-loving guy that my relatives always told me I would

Shooter Jennings – Family Man (2012)

Just a couple of years ago, it seemed that Shooter Jennings was done with country music. He had formed a new band, Hierophant, and put out Black Ribbons, a record with very little resemblance to country.

The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings, Volume II (2012)

What the hell happened? The Music Inside Volume 1 offered fans a heartfelt tribute to Waylon Jennings from people who knew him or were heavily influenced by his music.

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Shooter Jennings, “Outlaw You” (2012)

If Rip Van Winkle were a country music fan waking up today and flipping on the radio, he’d probably be just as confused and lost as the character in Washington Irving’s classic tale.

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson – Live at the US Festival 1983 (2012)

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson took the stage of the 1983 US Festival as confirmed crossover country stars — but without all of the sell-out slickness that’s attached to the term these days.

Gimme Five: Kenny Aronoff on John Mellencamp, Buddy Rich and John Fogerty

On this special edition of Something Else Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to ubiquitous sideman Kenny Aronoff

Shooter Jennings, Drive-By Truckers, others – Southern Independent Vols. 1-2 (2011)

by Fred Phillips Over the past few months, Shooter Jennings has released two free compilations for his unfortunately named XXX movement, which are both still available for free download

Various artists – Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylon Jennings (2011)

by Fred Phillips Ah, the tribute album. It started out as a good idea — current artists getting together to salute a classic artist that had a major influence on them. But, then, it spiraled out of control.