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Anthony Pirog Trio – Palo Colorado Dream (2014)

A record that’s equally capable of enchanting you and pummeling you with many shades of aura in between, ‘Palo Colorado Dream’ catapults Anthony Pirog into the corps of elite experimental guitarists.

Streams: Kingsley Flood, “Down” from Battles (2013)

Think Kinks-style melodies goosed along by the flippant energy of the Clash, with Dylan-esque level narratives skittering over the top, and you have the D.C.-based Kingsley Flood. Stream a track from their new release Battles here!

Eva Cassidy – The Best Of Eva Cassidy (2012)

Even today, more than a decade after discovering Eva Cassidy, listening to her music always brings me an unshakable tinge of melancholy that accompanies the joy and wonderment from hearing her unbelievably perfect voice.

Janel and Anthony – Where Is Home (2012)

When it comes to boy/girl musical acts, there’s nothing typical at all about Washington, D.C.-based duo Janel & Anthony. They don’t sing, they don’t play jazz, they sure as hell don’t play pop

Half Notes: Bill Barner – Ten Tunes (2012)

Longtime reedman Bill Barner has played it all in his career: Dixieland, free jazz, bop, Latino music, fusion jazz, and on and on.

The Fallen Angels, the Mad Hatters – The Mad Hatters Meet the Fallen Angels (2011)

If you resided in the Washington D.C. area in the 1960s and attended shows, you probably remember the Mad Hatters and the Fallen Angels, as they regularly played the local circuit.

Hillow Hammet – Hammer (1969; 2011 reissue)

Once again, the Colorado-based Gear Fab label pays a visit to the rock ‘n’ roll graveyard, and in the process unearths an album so ghastly obscure that even the members of the band behind the project have apparently vanished

Brian Settles/Central Union – Secret Handshake (2011)

There’s something odd I noticed about this record from the opening moments: there’s a piano on it. Why is that so bizarre you ask?

Nasar Abadey and Supernova – Diamond In The Rough (2011)

Washington D.C. percussion specialist Nasar Abadey has earned his stripes over decades performing with some of jazz’s towering figures like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Pharoah Sanders and Sonny Fortune.

Cephas and Wiggins – Richmond Blues (2008)

Cephas and Wiggins – Richmond Blues (2008)

NICK DERISO: Cephas and Wiggins, America’s best remaining champions of the easterly Piedmont blues tradition, somehow never really made it. I mean, Robert Cray-type made it. Stevie Ray-type made it. A shame. Self-taught harp player Phil Wiggins, from Washington D.C., met John Cephas as the 1960s blues revival was in full swing. A terrific writer — “Roberta,” “Dog Days ofRead More