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Vinnie Sperrazza – Juxtaposition (2017)

Vinnie Sperrazza – Juxtaposition (2017)

Thus far for the drummer, composer and bandleader Vinnie Sperrazza, it’s two albums, two different approaches, same high quality level jazz. The consistent ‘Juxtaposition’ justifies keeping Sperrazza on the watch list.

Jacob Garchik – Ye Olde (2015)

Jacob Garchik – Ye Olde (2015)

Jacob Garchik’s ‘Ye Olde’ might be about the hardest rockin’ thinking man’s fusion record in recent memory.

Vinnie Sperrazza – Apocryphal (2014)

Yes, ‘Apocryphal’ is ethereal, an adjective that might be overused a tad, but it’s all about the way Vinnie Sperrazza and his three accomplices give the music that quality. It puts Sperrazza’s formal debut in a far corner of jazz that’s rarely occupied with so much moxie.

Peter Brendler – Outside the Line (2014)

I first encountered the savvy of Peter Brendler’s bass when sizing up Jon Irabagon’s wild, seventy-eight minute improvisation ride, Foxy (2010).

Noah Baerman – Ripples (2014)

Noah Baerman plays piano, organ, slide guitar and sings a little. He leads a trio, a chamber octet, a duet, a quartet of singers, a two-sax/vibes quintet, and an assortment of combinations of these ensembles. He composes for every shade of jazz from greasy soul-jazz to Third Stream. And he does this all within one album.

David Ullman Quintet – Falling (2012)

For his second album, New York guitarist, composer and educator David Ullman was determined to challenge himself.