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Mike Stern – Trip (2017)

Mike Stern – Trip (2017)

‘Trip’ is not Mike Stern’s ‘return to form’ but rather, a reaffirmation of form. And for that, we can be grateful.

Hamilton Loomis – Give It Back (2013)

I guess Houston-born Hamilton Loomis is compared a lot to Gary Clark Jr. but that’s not quite fair to Loomis. Sure, like Clark, he has formitable guitar chops.

Mike Stern – All Over The Place (2012)

There might not be a more accurate title for a Mike Stern album than the one coming out next week.

Edward Ratliff – Those Moments Before (2009)

It’s said that music has its own language and syntax. I’m not talking about the technical stuff like notes, measures, and key centers, but the more subtle areas

'Older, hopefully wiser, more mature': Bela Fleck talks about his band's emotional reunion

Bela Fleck initial band reunited last year for Rocket Science, its first studio release in nearly two decades — and quickly claimed a Grammy award for the track “Life in Eleven.

Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten – Thunder (2008)

I know what you’re thinking – three basses … another Spinal Tap opus? Nope, sorry. If it’s not Spinal Tap, then next to the drum solo, the bass solo is just about the most reviled thing at concerts