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Aaron Germain – Chance (2013)

In twenty years as a bass player who’s equally proficient on both the standup and electric, Aaron Germain has played in bands performing virtually every kind of music from every corner of the world

simakDialog – The 6th Story (2013)

The Indonesian fusion scene is one of the great under noticed modern music developments currently going on in the world.

Spyro Gyra – The Rhinebeck Sessions (2013)

Spyro Gyra – The Rhinebeck Sessions (2013)

One of the bands often cited as a progenitor of smooth jazz and one of the style’s best known names, Spyro Gyra is also one of the most atypical acts of the form.

Tony Grey – Elevation (2013)

There are more than a few jazz fusion bassists out there with outstanding dexterity, who’ve mastered every Jaco Pastorius lick and made some fusion record full of endlessly serpentine melodies.

Marc Cary Focus Trio – Four Directions (2013)

Calling this CD Four Directions is helpful, because there are so many directions the music on Marc Cary’s his latest album, I’ve lost count. And in this case, that’s a good thing.

Dave Holland, with Kevin Eubanks, Craig Taborn and Eric Harland – Prism (2013)

PRISM August 10th, 2012 from Ulli Gruber on Vimeo. At this milestone of Dave Holland’s career — the forty year anniversary of his debut, seminal free jazz album Conference Of The Birds — his prolific catalog as a leader since has included jazz of nearly every stripe

Ben Monder – Hydra (2013)

An authority no less than Pat Metheny once said of fellow guitarist Ben Monder, “Monder is a very evolved kind of musician — great chord voicing and just excellent playing.”

Daniel Rosenboom – Book Of Omens (2013)

Daniel Rosenboom’s “Book of Omens” – Official Trailer from Alex Chaloff on Vimeo. Daniel Rosenboom’s Book Of Omens could have been the name of a mystic novel, or a play, consisting of several of discreet but related acts. Instead, it’s a musical narrative, but one that still leaves an impression of artwork of linked by chapters, or ideas.

Reut Regev’s R*Time – exploRing the vibe (2013)

There’s a lot of buzz around ace clarinetist Anat Cohen, but there’s another lady horn player from Israel who deserves a lot of attention, too. Reut Regev plays not reeds but brass, and her trombone knows no bounds in its spunk and personality;


John Scofield – Überjam Deux (2013)

Überjam was the most contemporary music John Scofield had made in a richly varied, artistically meaningful and just plain enjoyable career in jazz over these last forty years; only fellow guitarist Pat Metheny can point to a more impressive body of work over that time.