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Harrison Bankhead Quartet – Velvet Blue (2013)

One of the most self-effacing musicians of Chicago’s AACM scene paradoxically creates some of its boldest music, and bassist Harrison Bankhead’s second album confirms that Morning Sun Harvest Moon was no one-off fluke.

The Claudia Quintet – September (2013)

Bandleader, drummer and composer John Hollenbeck has been able to keep his Claudia Quintet viable long after its original formation in the late 90s by continually tossing new challenges at it.

Matthew Shipp – Piano Sutras (2013)

In Hinduism, we are told that sutras are a collection of aphorisms providing guidance on how to conduct our lives.

Mostly Other People Do The Killing – Red Hot (2013)

When I got finished listening to Mostly Other People Do The Killing’s new album Red Hot, I thought, “man, this is the best album they’ve ever made.”

Edward Ricart-Nick Millevoi Quartet – Haitian Rail (2013)

Edward Ricart and Nick Millevoi are guitarists who have staked their musical careers on the experimental fringes of metal and jazz

Gunnelpumpers – Montana Fix (2013)

A lot of avant-garde bands will toss a bunch of disparate stuff together in hopes that they come up with exotic combinations that work. The Gunnelpumpers do that, too

Slobber Pup – Black Aces (2013)

What if early Soft Machine had a serious blues bent and hired an ace guitarist? Slobber Pup. What if Last Exit had swapped Peter Brötzmann for Larry Young? Slobber Pup. What if the Band of Gypsies had been strictly an instrumental outlet for Jimi Hendrix’s burgeoning fusion leanings? Slobber Pup.

Black Host – Life in the Sugar Candle Mines (2013)

Alternately volcanic, fragile, and threatening, but always jagged, Black Host is as inscrutable an ensemble as there is, consisting of five well-established figures of advanced jazz.

Mike Pride – Drummer’s Corpse (2013)

Albums with as many songs as a 45 single are bound to be interesting, and that’s undeniably the case for Mike Pride’s dual epic numbers compiled into his upcoming Drummer’s Corpse album.

Something Else! sneak peek: Marc Ribot and Ceramic Dog, “Masters Of The Internet” from Your Turn (2013)

An assemblage of musicians the caliber of Marc Ribot, Ches Smith and Shahzad Ismaily usually signals that this is going to be seriously nerdy jazz, but Ceramic Dog is, in many ways, the exact opposite.