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Beauty School – Residual Ugly (2015)

Beauty School – Residual Ugly (2015)

Here is a review of ‘Residual Ugly’, a beautifully nasty mess of noise music from the Oakland-based trio Beauty School.

Street Priest – More Nasty (2014)

Here in ‘Merica, we covet our freedom and we root for the underdog. And we like brash. Therefore, the free-funk, noise band out of Oakland that call themselves Street Priest is as American is, well you know, Grandma‚Äôs apple pie.

Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz – A View From Below (2014)

Scott Feiner successfully introduces the pandeiro into electric jazz fusion to produce a breezy concoction that goes down as easy as rum punch, and is just as intoxicating.

Ken Husbands Trio – Keepin’ It Going (2014)

Covering a wide expanse of moods but maintaining the same airy feeling, Ken Husbands’ “Keepin’ It Going” is trio date that has a little something for most tastes of jazz wrapped into a tidy, funky little trio.

Stephen Richard – Perspective and The Gallery Sessions: Suite Movements (2014)

A gateway to straight jazz? No, because if you embrace this music, you’ve already gone through gates and are heading down its fascinating corridors.

fo/mo/deep – The Groovy Goodness (2014)

Fresh from the fusion triumph of A Beautiful Bang, Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep is poised to take listeners on another funky ride through the fun side of jazz.

Matthew Davidson – Cross My Heart (2014)

This is a blues record that often moves far afield from the blues, and a pop record with real soul.

True Nature – You Shouldn’t Have to Shout So Loud (2013)

True Nature couldn’t have picked a more appropriate title for its new EP, even if the group — led by Lou Barlow — doesn’t start off taking its own advice.

Foreign Motion – In Flight (2013)

Last year Cory Wong made a sweeping musical statement — or should I say, several statements — sprawling over 2 discs. Quartet/Quintet revealed not just the wide ambition of this guitarist from Minneapolis, Minnesota but the wherewithal to realize it.

Adam Larson – Overdue Ovation (2013)

At the beginning of this year Adam Larson was a young, uber-talented saxophonist and composer full of promise. Less then nine months into the year, he’s fulfilled much of that promise with two distinctly different releases.