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Vijay Iyer Sextet – Far From Over (2017)

Vijay Iyer Sextet – Far From Over (2017)

By not limiting himself within a narrow concept and exploiting a multiple of possibilities presented by the larger sextet, Vijay Iyer’s variety of tactics benefit ‘Far From Over,’ making this an insightful window into his wide-ranging capabilities.

Roscoe Mitchell – Bells for the South Side (2017)

Roscoe Mitchell – Bells for the South Side (2017)

After five-decade history of rattling the very foundations of jazz, Roscoe Mitchell returns to what’s become a symbol the jazz establishment to make a strong statement of his undying vitality.

Steve Lehman Octet – Mise En Abîme (2014)

‘Mise En Abîme’ would be a stunning achievement for just about anybody else; for Steve Lehman, it’s just his still-evolving musical personality racing out beyond jazz’s frontiers and daring anyone to try and catch up.

John Escreet – Sound, Space and Structures (2014)

Anglo-American outside jazz achieve near-perfect symmetry and empathy when pianist John Escreet expands his trio with the great Evan Parker.

Pete Robbins – Pyramid (2014)

As a bandleader and award-winning composer, saxophonist Pete Robbins never stands still, crafting each album using some different dimension.

Mike Pride – Drummer’s Corpse (2013)

Albums with as many songs as a 45 single are bound to be interesting, and that’s undeniably the case for Mike Pride’s dual epic numbers compiled into his upcoming Drummer’s Corpse album.

Roscoe Mitchell – Duets With Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin (2013)

One thing that Fred Anderson had shown us in his last years was that the original AACM guys can still make vital, risk-taking music of real consequence; these guys who were at the forefront of jazz in the 60’s never retreated

Tyshawn Sorey – Koan (2009)

Sometimes, you dial up a particular piece of music because you know what you’re getting. You’re in a certain mood, and the Nth listen to The Ramones’ Rocket To Russia is what you need.

Half Notes: Tyshawn Sorey – Oblique-I (2011)

Drummer and composer Tyshawn Sorey is said to one of up-and-comers whose due for an arrival. Gaining notice as a member of Steve Coleman’s Five Elements, Steve Lehman’s combo as well as Pete Robbins’ sILENT Z, Sorey’s also studied under Anthony Braxton and is currently studying under George Lewis. But he’s not waiting to finish his studies to make hisRead More

Pete Robbins – siLENT Z Live (2010)

Pete Robbins – siLENT Z Live (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Jazz that’s hard to categorize is usually the kind of jazz that’s also hard to describe adequately with words but also the kind of jazz I prefer. And if it swings and grooves, so much the better. Alto sax player Pete Robbins’ music has all those qualities and then some. We delighted in the unpredictable, nearlyRead More