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Richard Lloyd Giddens Jr. – Mimosas (2017)

Richard Lloyd Giddens Jr. – Mimosas (2017)

Richard Lloyd Giddens Jr.’s ‘Mimosas’ brings in disparate colleagues and disparate composing pens, and molds them into a united musical statement that one can sense portrays the complexion of its singular leader.

Tomas Fujiwara, Ben Goldberg + Mary Halvorson – The Out Louds (2016)

Tomas Fujiwara, Ben Goldberg + Mary Halvorson – The Out Louds (2016)

Featuring Tomas Fujiwara, Ben Goldberg and Mary Halvorson, the Out Louds aren’t always necessarily loud – but they are sure enough ‘out.’

One Track Mind: Ideal Bread, “Crops” from Beating The Teens (2014)

Ideal Bread have made a career of lovingly presenting the music of the great Steve Lacy. On their previous records, The Ideal Bread and Transmit, the group trafficked in more or less straight readings of Lacy’s music.

One Track Mind: Thumbscrew [Mary Halvorson / Michael Formanek / Tomas Fujiwara], “Cheap Knock Off” (2014)

Made up of three highly distinctive voices in the world of jazz and avant-garde music, Thumbscrew should probably collapse under the weight of its star power

Mark Saleski’s Top Albums for 2012: Jazz and Improvised Music

[youtube] Well, of course I don’t think jazz is stupid. I love jazz. But that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud when this scene showed up out of nowhere in a recent episode of The Office.

One Track Mind: The Thirteenth Assembly, "Nosedive" (2011)

Anyone who has heard Mary Halvorson perform even just once has likely caught her trademark move: the sudden burst of notes quavering, akin to hitting the whammy bar but with a little more nuance.

Tomas Fujiwara and the Hook Up – The Air Is Different (2012)

The music of Tomas Fujiwara and his Hook Up band is some of the most deceptively clever jazz out there, which makes it very difficult to describe his music.

Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up – Actionspeak (2010)

Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up – Actionspeak (2010)

By Mark Saleski Many years ago, while stuck in traffic during the evening commute, I heard a radio segment on microtonal composer Easely Blackwood. I had read about things like microtones, 24-note equal tunings, and the like, but somehow none of the music had ever made it’s way into my ears. Some of the pieces played that evening were soRead More