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Taylor Haskins – Gnosis (2017)

Taylor Haskins – Gnosis (2017)

Haskins’ capacity for blending cutting-edge, high-tech means of music making with the handmade, organically conceived method of playing jazz borders on the genius level, and that’s just what he is going for with ‘Gnosis.’

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – No Morphine No Lilies (2013)

Often in sizing up drummers who lead their own bands, I find that they either actively get out front or they get out of the way and let their band mates becomes the focal point.

Half Notes: Jenny Scheinman – Mischief & Mayhem (2012)

Here’s a brand new disc by Bill Frisell’s fiddle player. The music contained within, is well within Fris’ playing field, but there’s some adventurous circuit bent noises courtesy of Nels Cline with his bag of trick effects. Jim Black and Todd Sickafoose are on board, too, so the entire backing band is wicked good, and Scheinman wrote some nice, diversifiedRead More