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Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh lights up Midnight Ramble, Levon Helm fundraiser taking off

Phil Lesh, the legendary bassist with the Grateful Dead, opened an emotional Saturday night performance at the late Levon Helm’s studio with “Cumberland Blues.”

A legend's wish granted: Midnight Rambles return to the late Levon Helm's barn

Levon Helm, even as he was losing his lengthy struggle with cancer earlier this year, had one final wish: That the rollicking hootenannys he’d been hosting at his barn — called the Midnight Rambles — would go on.

Grateful Dead's first live greatest-hits anthology to be reissued on vinyl by Audio Fidelity

Audio Fidelity will reissue History of the Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice), the first-ever live “best-of” anthology delivered by the Grateful Dead when they left Warner Bros. to form their own label

The Grateful Dead – All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection (2012)

There was something about a New Year’s Eve show and the Grateful Dead, as the forthcoming All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection so artfully illustrates.

Grateful Dead – Blues For Allah (1975): Half Notes

Grateful Dead – Blues For Allah (1975): Half Notes

I use the tune “King Soloman’s Marbles” when I want to “trick” someone into liking the Grateful Dead.

Move over, Rolling Stone!: Here are Mark Saleski’s Top 10 Guitarists

After reading Rolling Stone magazine’s list of Top 100 guitarists, I felt the need to chime in.

The Friday Morning Listen: The Grateful Dead – Dick's Picks Volume 18 (1978)

I saw Joan Didion’s face on the cover of Poets and Writers and just knew we’d end up here somehow.

The Decemberists – The King Is Dead EP (2011)

by Tom Johnson With The King Is Dead EP, The Decemberists add themselves to the small roster of bands who refused to “deluxify” their just-released albums in order to cash in on extra sales

One Track Mind: Alyssa Graham, "High Time" (2011)

Alyssa Graham’s “High Time,” this melancholy remake, transforms a familiar Grateful Dead song from 1970 into a scorching tale of hope replaced by regret.

Guilty pleasures: The classic-rock live album

by Mark Saleski Superfluous. Meaningless. Pointless. Redundent. Obligatory. No, I haven’t been playing with my thesaurus. These are just some of the words that are often used to describe live recordings.