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My plane tickets are booked: Time for a return to the Paisley Underground

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was a kid, it was rare indeed for most major rock acts to stop anywhere close to where I lived as they trotted across North America on one of their “World Tours.”

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs – Under the Covers Vol. 3 (2013)

A lot of the charm of this series’ initial two volumes — which focused first on the 1960s and then the ’70s — was in hearing these two delve back into found sounds from outside their own era.

Exclusive stream: A Fragile Tomorrow – Be Nice Be Careful (2013)

We’ve already raved about the lead single. Here is your chance to stream A Fragile Tomorrow’s forthcoming Be Nice Be Careful in its entirety before the January 8, 2013 street date.

One Track Mind: A Fragile Tomorrow, “Kernersville” (2012)

One Track Mind: A Fragile Tomorrow, “Kernersville” (2012)

Shattering, yet redemptively propulsive, A Fragile Tomorrow’s lovelorn new single “Kernersville” probably betrays its 1980s influences right there in the liner notes.

Download: Susanna Hoffs – Some Summer Days EP (2012)

If the last time you thought about Susanna Hoffs was when she was still walking like an glammed-up 1980s-era Egyptian, her charming new EP will provide a new window into the deeper pop and folk talents she possesses.

Sneak peek: Elvis Costello – Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook (2011)

We’ve all heard the lout in the back of the crowd, yelling “Freebird!” or some such annoying thing. On this tour, Elvis Costello brings those guys right on stage.