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Iggy Pop, John Wetton, Nektar, Sweet, Todd Rundgren – Who Are You: An All Star Tribute to the Who (2012)

The intrigue of compilations like this is when seemingly incongruent artists successfully combine, or when somebody turns a familiar tune inside out.

One Track Mind: Sweet, "New York Groove" (2012)

Sweet answers the question once and for all: What would happen if some combined the glam of T. Rex, the metal of Slade and the modernity of Jay Z? What’s that? You said you never asked that particular question?

New album from glam-rock legends Sweet to feature mashed-up cover tunes

Sweet, still led by original guitarist Andy Scott, return with a mashed-up new studio project that blends choice covers with elements of the band’s most memorable hits. Check out the new video preview below!

Forgotten series: The Sweet – Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

by Beverly Paterson In the beginning, the Sweet were looked upon as a true-blue bubblegum band, as they assaulted the charts with the tooth-decaying treats like “Funny Funny,” “Wig Wam” and “Little Willy.”

The Original 7ven (aka The Time) – Condensate (2011)

The Original 7ven (aka The Time) – Condensate (2011)

Prince once declared that The Time is so good, they’re the band scare him the most, and evidently, enough so that he took their name and went home.

The Friday Morning Listen: Sweet – The Best of Sweet (1993)

If I have anything to say about technology in this space, it’s usually negative. People who know me are aware of the contradiction: I’ve made my living writing software and spend a lot of time on the Internet, and yet consider myself something of a Luddite.

One Track Mind: Sweet, "Love Is Like Oxygen" (1978)

One Track Mind: Sweet, "Love Is Like Oxygen" (1978)

Have you ever gone on for years knowing a group of seemingly unrelated radio hits without realizing they all came from the same act? That was a recent revelation I had with those British pop rockers Sweet. Sure, I always knew they were responsible for the garish, over-the-top rocker “Ballroom Blitz,” but had no idea all this time they alsoRead More