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Michael Coleman + Ben Goldberg – Practitioner (2018)

Michael Coleman + Ben Goldberg – Practitioner (2018)

One can’t help to think that Steve Lacy would have loved the originality Ben Goldberg and Michael Coleman brought to these personal expressions of his.

One Track Mind: Ideal Bread, “Crops” from Beating The Teens (2014)

Ideal Bread have made a career of lovingly presenting the music of the great Steve Lacy. On their previous records, The Ideal Bread and Transmit, the group trafficked in more or less straight readings of Lacy’s music.

The Whammies – Play The Music Of Steve Lacy (2012)

Throughout his career Steve Lacy paid tribute to Thelonious Monk, and even dedicated numerous albums to Monk’s music. A lot of great jazz musicians feted Monk and were clearly influenced by the master pianist/composer, too, but perhaps not with the zeal of Lacy.

Ben Goldberg Quintet – The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact (2006)

by Mark Saleski Too bad that the clarinet was the instrument guys were embarrassed to be stuck with in band.

Half Notes: Ideal Bread – Transmit: Vol. 2 of The Music of Steve Lacy (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Ideal Bread is a Steve Lacy tribute band, at least a tribute band in that they play the songs of the late, great soprano saxophonist and composer of the free jazz world. But this four-piece band, which includes baritone saxophonist Josh Stinton, Lacy’s copyist and student during the last two years of his life, brings Lacy’sRead More