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‘This howl is for you, wherever you are': Stephen King’s touching tribute to Warren Zevon

Horror legend Stephen King’s new novel Dr. Sleep, a sequel to the hit book and film The Shining, begins with a hat tip to the late singer-songwriter Warren Zevon.

Gimme Five: Movies with Bone-Chilling Ghosts and Demons

Gimme Five: Movies with Bone-Chilling Ghosts and Demons

I am in no way suggesting that these films were the best of this horror sub-genre. I am simply saying that, to me, these movies left a lasting impression at the time they were viewed.

John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow, Taj Mahal – Ghost Brothers of Darkland County (2013)

John Mellencamp’s top billing owes more to his work with writer Stephen King on the narrative that would become a play called Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. He sings just once here, giving the album over to a host of guest stars

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, the long-awaited collaboration between John Mellencamp and Stephen King, set for spring release

John Mellencamp and Stephen King’s dramatic “roots musical,” in the works for more than a decade, will finally debut this spring.