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Forgotten series: Hardin and York – The World’s Smallest Big Band (1970)

This two-man band’s second album from 1970, featuring ex-Spencer Davis Group members Eddie Hardin (vocal/organ) and Pete York (drums/percussion), somehow managed to fill out the sound together.

Spencer Davis saw big things for Steve Winwood: ‘You must be bloody kidding?! I knew from the get go’

We’re joined again by the namesake founder of the Spencer Davis Group, a too-long-undervalued member of 1960s rock royalty who should have been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ages ago.

‘I wasn’t looking to duplicate Steve’s voice’: How the Spencer Davis Group carried on without Winwood

The Spencer Davis Group was, and remains, more than Steve Winwood – having continued recording and touring into the new millennium under the auspices of its Welsh-born multi-instrumentalist namesake.