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Dálava – The Book of Transfigurations (2017)

Even without the benefit of no expectations this time around, Julia Úlehla and Aram Bajakian’s ‘The Book of Transfigurations’ manages to captivate like that first Dálava album.

Samuel Blaser Consort In Motion – A Mirror to Machaut (2013)

A Mirror to Machaut isn’t Samuel Blaser doing a quick follow-up to As The Sea issued a mere five months ago. Rather, it’s the successor to his 2011 Third Stream collaboration with the late, great Paul Motian, Consort In Motion

Benoit Delbecq and Fred Hersch Double Trio – Fun House (2013)

King Crimson, of all things, was the ensemble that first demonstrated (to the wider public, at least) the greater possibilities introduced by a double trio. And now, a Frenchman and an American extend this thrilling concept into jazz.

Michael Blake – In The Grand Scheme Of Things (2012)

[youtube] Vancouver native and saxophonist Michael Blake came back to this Canadian city after residing in NYC for a quarter century, and brought home a wealth of ideas with him.

Sean Noonan – A Gambler's Hand (2012)

Experimental drummer Sean Noonan describes his latest record A Gambler’s Hand this way: “New chamber music project for String Quartet and Drums.” What? You think this might be boring? C’mon man, relax, this is Sean Noonan.

Half Notes: The October Trio – New Dream (2012)

When you peel away all chordal instruments, the rhythm section gets exposed. That can be a delight or a disaster, but in the case of Toronto’s October Trio, it’s the former.

Half Notes: Danny Fox Trio – The One Constant (2011)

Growing up in Manhattan down the street from famed bassist Bob Crnashaw gave pianist Danny Fox a rich education in jazz that the great music conservatories in the Northeast just can’t quite match. But Fox’s deep interest in classical music shaped his conception of jazz as well and both of those backgrounds come to the fore in his trio’s debut’sRead More

Steve Raegele – Last Century (2010)

Steve Raegele – Last Century (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron They say that writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and if that’s true, then writing about whack jazz can be more like swimming about psychiatry. Often, you can’t describe a melodic or rhythmic structure because there are none. Saying so-and-so sounds like some other so-and-so is sometimes futile; most of the time these guysRead More

Ryan Blotnick – Everything Forgets (2009)

Ryan Blotnick – Everything Forgets (2009)

photo: The Picture Booth by S. Victor Aaron Last year came the debut of a promising young guitarist, composer and bandleader Ryan Blotnick, who was already thinking beyond conventional melodic structures and places intelligence over cheap licks. We took notice at the time, and Music Needs You received our praise, noting that “Blotnick’s composing pen puts a welcome emphasis onRead More