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The Hickoids – Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit (2013)

This long-promised long player from the Hickoids has taken on a kind of mythical quality over the last quarter century or so. Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit delivers on every broken promise

Churchwood – 2 (2013)

A tasty mixture of greasy blues rock, deranged intellect and mudhole-stomping Texas attitude, Churchwood once again illustrates what a post-punk Skip James might have sounded like had he gotten into the lysergic weirdness of 13th Floor Elevators.

The Beaumonts – Where Do You Want It? (2013)

A raunchy, no-bullshit punkabilly record, Where Do You Want It? begins with a paean to snot-slinging drunkeness — and the Beaumonts never take their steel-toed boot off the gas.

Half Notes: Glambilly – White BBQ Sauce (2011)

Some non sequiturs make no sense, like jumbo shrimp. Others, like Glambilly, couldn’t be more perfect. This San Antonio-based threesome plays rootsy punk rock, sounding at times more than a little downhome — but with nary a trace of countrypolitan refinery. That makes for a sound, and an album, is that is consistently, brilliantly surprising. Check out the nasty littleRead More

One Track Mind: Eric Hisaw, “Payphone” (2011)

There’s a specificity to this song, by Austin, Texas-based roots rocker Eric Hisaw, that pulls you all the way into the story.

One Track Mind: Churchwood, "Vendidi Fumar (I Sell Smoke)" (2011)

Guitarists Bill Anderson and Billysteve (yep, one word) Kopri turn the blues inside out on Churchwood’s “Vendidi Fumar,” then wear it around like Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Theirs is a sound — sudden, bright and menacing — not unlike a car crash

One Track Mind: Hickoids, "Bennie and the Jets" (2011)

The Austin, Texas-based Hickoids, a shambling, couldn’t-give-a-sh–t group of cowpunk nutjobs, cover their share of oddball Anglophile items on the new Kicking It With the Twits, out on Saustex Media in San Antonio. There’s the Stones (“Have You Seen Your Mother …”). Eno (“Needles in the Camel’s Eye”). The Move (“Brontosaurus”). Mott the Hoople (“Whizz Kid”). The Who (“Pictures ofRead More