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Books: Encyclopedia Walking: Pop Culture and the Alchemy Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, by Jon Kanis

Jon Kanis’ writing is interesting, intelligent, and intimate.

Forgotten series: Jon Kanis – Cabalistic Dispatch (2005)

Forgotten series: Jon Kanis – Cabalistic Dispatch (2005)

Flexible, interesting and right on the pitch, this was an exceptional work of art.

Jon Kanis – All-American Mongrel Boy (2014)

A set of durable sounds, steered by depth, insight and million-watt melodies.

Charlie Musselwhite, Billy Boy Arnold, Sugar Ray Norcia, others – Remembering Little Walter (2013)

The standard-bearing harp influence of Walter Jacobs — he established the vocabulary still used by nearly every amplified modern player — is well documented. This guest-packed concert tribute reminds you of his composing prowess, too.

Danny Green – A Thousand Ways Home (2012)

Danny Green – A Thousand Ways Home (2012)

When jazz pianist Danny Green released his 2009 debut album With You in Mind, he effectively demonstrated his unique blend of jazz, classical, and Brazilian sounds.

Forgotten series: Brain Police – Brain Police (1968)

So much great music gets banished to the vaults, and that includes Brain Police’s demo album. Recorded in 1968, the disc should have fallen into the mitts of a major label

Astra – The Black Chord (2012)

Broad and spacious as all hell, Astra’s The Black Chord is retro in excess. The San Diego outfit employs all manner of guitar and analog synths to get the job done

Shows I'll Never Forget: U2, March 28, 2005

by Tom Johnson, at the San Diego Sports Arena We drove over to San Diego on a Sunday night, not really getting on the road until about 8 p.m. I had been hoping for more like 4 p.m., maybe 6 p.m.