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Ross Hammond + Grant Calvin Weston – Blues and Daily News (2014)

We review ‘Blues and Daily News’ by Ross Hammond and Grant Calvin Weston, a creative guitar/drums improv record.

Ross Hammond – Humanity Suite (2014)

Ross Hammond typically invests a lot into his recording projects, as we witnessed with instinctual rock-jazz excursions like 2012’s Adored and 2013’s Cathedrals.

Ross Hammond Quartet – Cathedrals (2013)

Ross Hammond made a record last year that I dug the hell out of. Adored is raw rock-jazz that I found very instinctual because everyone in his band are seasoned jazz cats who cross over to rock for fun.

Ross Hammond  – Revival Trio (2012)

Ross Hammond – Revival Trio (2012)

Earlier this year, “Sacramento’s secret weapon” (quoting myself) made a wonderful out-jazz quintet record featuring saxophonist Vinny Golia.