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John McNeil/Bill McHenry – Chill Morn He Climb Jenny (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron John McNeil is a trumpet player, a veteran of the illustrious Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and has led recording dates since 1978. Bill McHenry is a sax player, has played with Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Henry Grimes and Norah Jones, and has led recording dates since 1998. A few years ago the two cross-generational players haveRead More

Half Notes: Chris Graham Trio – After-Birth Of Cool (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron My current rotation has Crystal Silence by Gary Burton and Chick Corea, as well as After-Birth Of Cool by the Chris Graham Trio. When I play the two records concurrently or near concurrently, I pick up the same ambiance from the latter as I do from the former, and it goes beyond the fact that thereRead More

Half Notes: Wadada Leo Smith/Ed Blackwell – The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron From the first, lonely wails notes from Wadada Leo Smith’s trumpet on the propulsive “Uprising,” it becomes crystal clear that this is no ordinary session. Smith and classic-period Ornette Coleman drummer Ed Blackwell had a longstanding friendship, and when the two lived near each other in Connecticut, they joined forces for a single performance at BradeisRead More

Half Notes: Adam Schroeder – A Handful Of Stars (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Schroeder is part of an emerging and exciting new crop of tradition-minded jazz talents like Michael Dease, Graham Dechter and Hailey Niswanger. As a baritone saxophonist, though, Schroeder is keeping alive a flame that’s been flickering probably since Gerry Mulligan’s death in 1996. Schroeder’s debut A Handful Of Stars does a nice job keeping Mulligan’s spiritRead More

Half Notes: The Soft Machine – NDR Jazz Workshop – Hamburg, Germany, 1973 (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Hard to believe it’s been over three years since a Soft Machine record was last scoped out here, but that’s only half the time frame between the live dates between The Middle Earth Masters and this one from May, 1973, called NDR Jazz Workshop – Hamburg, Germany, 1973. Although never before released, the audio from WestRead More

Half Notes: Mats/Morgan Band – The Music Or The Money? (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron The Mats/Morgan Band is a Swedish experimental/progressive rock group that is very closely tied to Frank Zappa. Led by two Swedish child prodigies Mats Oberg (keyboards, harmonica, vocals) and Morgan Agren (drums, programming, keyboards, voice), Zappa was so impressed with the two lads in the late eighties that he took them in as proteges and intendedRead More

Half Notes: Benjamin Herman – Hypochristmastreefuzz Special Edition (2008)

by S. Victor Aaron The nattily-dressed alto-sax player from the Netherlands, Benjamin Herman, released Hypochristmastreefuzz in 2008, following up on his 2001 live album with the great Dutch avant garde composer Misha Mingelberg with a studio album of Mingelberg tunes. These sessions are released again in 2010, but supplemented with a second disc, a live set from the North SeaRead More

Half Notes: Joe Morris – Camera (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Last year’s Colorfield was Joe Morris’ convincing debut for ESP-Disk. This year’s follow-up follows the same strategy of going without a bass (an instrument that he, ironically, is very proficient at), but instead of piano this time, there’s a cello (by Junko Fujiwara Simons) and violin (by Katt Hernandez). Joined again by Luther Gray on drums,Read More

Half Notes: Conference Call – What About….? (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Gebhard Weber is the German sax and bass clarinet player we introduced here last spring when reviewing the new album by the combo he co-leads with trombonist Steve Swell, The Ullmann|Swell 4. Ullman has other projects going, though and the Conference Call whack jazz supergroup he co-founded is celebrating its tenth year in existance with aRead More

Half Notes: Rafi Malkiel – Water (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron A record that truly lives up to its title, composer, arranger and horn player Rafi Malkiel creates a stew of orchestral klezmer jazz, Latin jazz, classical, and European folk music that is themed around H2O. Throughout every cut, water can be heard as a percussion instrument, being poured, splashed and rained. Malkiel even invented an “aquaphonium,”Read More