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Something Else! Featured Artist: Rush

When most think of Rush, it’s their instrumental virtuosity (especially drummer Neil Peart) that comes to mind first. Or the love or hatred of Geddy Lee’s vocals. Other times it’s Peart’s second role as lyricist for the band that garners attention, and it’s another love or hate area of focus: Ayn Rand, sci-fi, songs about balding, fights between dogs and,Read More

Half Notes: Peter Scherr – Son Of August (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron Scherr is an American jazz bassist who resides in Hong Kong and spends his time trying to foster creative music within China. A few years ago, he got the urge to fulfill a longtime goal of making music with saxophonist Michael Blake, and he wanted to make sure it was going to be done right. So,Read More

Robert Hurst – Unrehurst, Volume 2 (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron Robert Hurst is a guy I remember being Wynton Marsalis’ bassist in the late 1980s, before performing in the same capacity for Branford’s Tonight Show band. From there, I don’t recall much. But that’s on me because in reality, Hurst has kept very busy: he’s served as a sideman for everyone from Lou Rawls to Keb’Read More

Half Notes: Shawn Costantino – Waltz For Anne (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron Listening to Shawn Costantino’s Waltz For Anne, you’re reminded of Stanley Turrentine or Gene Ammons. Also, he takes on a few standards, but only one of them (“The Touch of your Lips”) is a jazz one. The other two are taken from The Beatles (“Can’t Buy Me Love”) and James Taylor (“Don’t Let Me Be LonelyRead More

Half Notes: Roxy Coss – Roxy Coss (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron Women continue to move into areas of jazz long dominated by men, and in a big way. Even since I made a big to-do about this trend a couple of summers ago, the parade of girls muscling their way into the boys’ club continues on stronger than ever. The latest to tear down that barrier isRead More

Half Notes: Plunge – Tin Fish Tango (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron NOLA-based Plunge is back again to follow up on their stripped down trombone-based brand of funky jazz found on Dancing On Thin Ice, Tin Fish Tango. Once again, ‘bone player Mark McGrain leads a small ensemble with bassist James Singleton of Astral Project, a sax player (either Tim Green or Tom Fitzpatrick) and occasionally, sousaphone playerRead More

Half Notes: Luther Hughes and the Cannonball-Coltrane Band – Things Are Getting Better (2011)

by S. Victor Aaron Bassist Luther Hughes leads a tenor sax/alto sax quintet in its forth recording paying tribute to the spirit of Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane. Specifically, The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Chicago album recorded with Miles Davis’ band sans Miles himself just six months before they all reconvened to tape this little landmark record called Kind OfRead More

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes’ ‘South Side of the Sky,’ ‘Sound Chaser,’ ‘It Can Happen’ + others: Gimme Five

Yes has taken more twists and turns than the fantastical lettering created for its album covers by Roger Dean.

Half Notes: Stephen Haynes – Parrhesia (2010)

Half Notes: Stephen Haynes – Parrhesia (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron After all the whack jazz winners I’ve heard from Engine Studios, I’ve come to expect nothing but excellence whenever I pop in a CD from that label for the first time, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Label head and producer Steven Walcott signs up creative, free thinking musicians new or old, overlooked or established, putsRead More

Half Notes: Jeff King – Catalyst (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron “Catalyst” is not just the name of the album, it’s also the name of the band sax/flute player King leads, and this is their debut album. This band which features King, Luis Deniz (saxes), David Braid (piano and keyboards), Rich Brown (bass), Joel Haynes (drums), have Juno Award (Canadian Grammies) and National Jazz Award winners amongstRead More