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Ryan Blotnick – Kush (2016)

Ryan Blotnick – Kush (2016)

Guitarist Ryan Blotnick moves back to Maine and an album of eight, spacious Blotnick compositions gently swayed by African-derived rhythms happens.

Ryan Blotnick – Solo, Volume 1 (2013)

Dreams of Chloe by Ryan Blotnick Ryan Blotnick, as noted here before, is an up-and-comer guitarist already whose made a lot of dents in the NYC jazz scene with stints in the bands of Pete Robbins & Centric, Michael Blake’s Free Association, The Leif Arntzen Band, The Michael Blake Band, Tyshawn Sorey’s Oblique, and the Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble, for starters.

Ryan Blotnick – Everything Forgets (2009)

Ryan Blotnick – Everything Forgets (2009)

photo: The Picture Booth by S. Victor Aaron Last year came the debut of a promising young guitarist, composer and bandleader Ryan Blotnick, who was already thinking beyond conventional melodic structures and places intelligence over cheap licks. We took notice at the time, and Music Needs You received our praise, noting that “Blotnick’s composing pen puts a welcome emphasis onRead More

Quickies: Akoya Afrobeat, Joe Jackson, Herbie Hancock

Most of this go around of Quickies is about catching up on some of the more recent big name releases. Spending so much time off the main highway of current music, I sometimes need to get back on it to regain a sense of where the mainstream is to begin with. Well, “mainstream” from the perspective of the middle-aged, anyway.Read More

Ryan Blotnick – Music Needs You (2008)

The twenty-something jazz guitarist from Maine named Ryan Blotnick is rapidly emerging as a force to be reckoned with. He first got mentioned in this space a few years ago as a member of a really good global party band called Akoya Afrobeat. Right about the same time that P.D.P came out, Blotnick released his own album — his firstRead More