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Lydia Salnikova – New Heart (2014, EP)

Lydia Salnikova shares her new delight with ‘New Heart’, a smaller arrival than usual, but another bundle of joy nevertheless.

Billy Joel – A Matter of Trust: The Bridge to Russia (2014)

His enthusiasm, his joy, is as contagious as it is seemingly gone forever.

One Track Mind: Lydia Salnikova, “Closing In Christmas” (2013)

It’s that time of the year, folks. Yes, it’s time for a fresh yuletide tune by Knoxville, Tennessee’s ace singer-songwriter Lydia Salnikova.

‘It would be like a circus’: Ian Gillan says he turned down millions to do multi-era Deep Purple reunion

‘It would be like a circus’: Ian Gillan says he turned down millions to do multi-era Deep Purple reunion

Over its lengthy history, the Deep Purple lineup has boasted a number huge stars — including David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes and, of course, Ritchie Blackmore. Perhaps inevitably, someone had the idea of a reunion concert.

Yelena Eckemoff Trio – Glass Song (2013)

Russian-born Yelena Eckemoff is a classically trained concert pianist who has more recently in her career taken on jazz, but has done so strictly on her terms.

Lydia Salnikova – Valentine Circle (2013)

[youtube] The Knoxville-based, Russian born and bred songstress Lydia Salnikova gave us a refreshing set of songs that harkens back to the golden age of Adult Contemporary music with Hallway (2010). Valentine Circle, due out next month, gives us more of that same, soothing nostalgia inducing vibe.

Karl 2000 – Karl 2000 (2012)

[youtube] When you have three American musicians — two from Greenville, SC — interpreting Russian folk music, you might expect it to get a little wild and full of pastiche.

Half Notes: Paul McCartney – In Red Square: A Concert Film (2005)

Filmed in 2003, McCartney was “Back in the (former) USSR” (c’mon, you know I had to do it) for the first time since the Beatles were banned from the country in the 1960s. You know what a dangerous thing those Beatles were. Featuring a Beatles-heavy setlist (thankfully), this isn’t quite a concert: They don’t use the term “film” in theRead More

Gregg Robins – Everything That Matters (2011)

Gregg Robins’ debut album, and this is quite a feat, speaks to the idea of loss — loss of family, loss of country — without ever descending into a shivery gloaming.

Lydia Salnikova – Hallway (2010)

The Ballad Of Bering Strait is a documentary that chronicled the story of young Russian music students who fell under the spell of bluegrass, formed a band playing it, and struck out to America — Nashville, that is — to find their fame and fortune there.