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New Music Monday: Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Steve Kuhn and George Harrison

The last week of April 2012 brings us yet another stack of platters that matter — this time from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Eddie Gomez, Norah Jones and Rufus Wainwright.

Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game (2012)

When listening to Rufus Wainwright, I can’t help now but attempt to imagine how jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas might approach his songs. So successful was his take on “Poses” that it’s hard not to consider that the definitive version of the tune

Something Else! sneak peek: Rufus Wainwright, "Out of the Game" (2012)

Rufus Wainwright returns with a song that sounds as old as polyester and, in fact, boasts a few venomous rebukes of dead-end dalliances that you’d expect to hear from the old men who once wore it.

Mark Ronson-produced Rufus Wainwright project will have a distinctive 1970s vibe

Mark Ronson showed up with a full mockup of the songs to be included in a forthcoming collaboration with Rufus Wainwright — and this stripped-down version will soon be released, as well.

New benefit project to include tracks by U2, Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Sting, others

A new benefit project for model Christy Turlington Burn’s Every Mother Counts program will include tracks from a bevy of big names in rock.

Rufus Wainwright says his new Mark Ronson-produced effort will be a 'very manly record'

Ever-eclectic Rufus Wainwright is at work on a studio project that he’s calling his “a very manly record,” and his “most sort of ‘pop’ and commercially viable, radio-friendly work.”

One Track Mind: Anastasia Barzee, "Dinner at Eight" (2011)

Some songs are so personal, so specific, that you wonder if anyone else could ever do them justice. Rufus Wainwright’s “Dinner at Eight,” originally about a confrontation with his often-absent father, was one of them. Until now

Half Notes: Martha Wainwright – I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too (2008)

by Tom Johnson The sophomore album from the sister of Rufus, and daughter of Loudon III and Kate McGarrigle wasn’t a batch of wimpy Lilith Fair material. Martha may be blessed with the pipes of an angel, but she sings about real-world angst that leaves you white-knuckled and nervous. In the end, she may just be Aimee Mann’s spiritual opposite:Read More

Vicious World – Plays the Music of Rufus Wainwright (2011)

Originally named for a Rufus Wainwright song, it was perhaps inevitable that Vicious World would eventually devote an entire album to this underrated contemporary singer-songwriter. That doesn’t make the prospect any less daunting

Rufus Wainwright – Want One (2003)

by Tom Johnson With his 2001 release, Poses Wainwright (yes, the son of Loudon Wainwright III) gave the world a breath of fresh air. Often set to what amounts to modern day Tin Pan Alley tunes, Wainwright uses his voice to display something that so often goes ignored these days — melody. Possessed of a breathy, laid-back voice, it’s easyRead More