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Jenny Scheinman – Here on Earth (2017)

Jenny Scheinman – Here on Earth (2017)

With ‘Here On Earth,’ Jenny Scheinman does more than merely curate the culture of the American Piedmont region. She brings it to life.

Seth Walker – Gotta Get Back (2016)

Seth Walker – Gotta Get Back (2016)

Think of ‘Gotta Get Back’ more as Walker’s renewal of his vows to the family and sweet, soulful roots music that made him who he is.

Nolatet (Mike Dillon, Brian Haas, James Singleton + Johnny Vidacovich) – Dogs (2016)

Nolatet (Mike Dillon, Brian Haas, James Singleton + Johnny Vidacovich) – Dogs (2016)

Playing with nervy purpose is purpose enough for the new jazz supergroup of Haas, Dillon, Singleton an Vidacovich to get together and make a record.

DRKWAV [Skerik, John Medeski + Adam Deitch], “Darkwave” from The Purge (2015)

Here is an early listen to the new psychedelic fusion supergroup DRKWAV (John Medeski, Skerik, Adam Deitch), a stream of the track “Darkwave.”

Something Else! sneak peek: The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, “Betamax” from Worker (2014)

Reconciling the icy precision of electronic music with the immediacy of fusion.

Wil Blades – Field Notes (2014)

Every song finds a different way to soothe, groove and satisfy the soul. Blades and his badassed organ trio never seem to run out of ideas.

Seth Walker – Sky Still Blue (2014)

‘Sky Still Blue’ shows the benefits of Walker’s continual tweaking of his sound and it’s paid off in this completely solid album of roots music.

Mike Dillon – Band of Outsiders (2014)

Gonzo vibes man Mike Dillon is the secret weapon in whatever project he’s involved with, whether it’s Garage A Trois, The Dead Kenny G’s or even Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe.

Something Else! sneak peek: Mike Dillon, “Hero The Burro” from Band of Outsiders (2014)

The irrepressible vibraphone-playing jazz guerrilla Mike Dillon is prepping his latest album Band of Outsiders for an April 1, 2014 release (Royal Potato Family Records),

Brian Haas and Matt Chamberlain – Frames (2013)

Last month when chatting up an advance, streamed track of keyboardist Brian Haas and drummer Matt Chamberlain’s upcoming collaboration Frames, I made kind of a critic’s equivalent of a movie trailer about the album itself