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'Additional touches being added': John Fogerty pushes back release date for new album

John Fogerty, a legendary perfectionist, is going to take a little more time crafting his upcoming covers project — and it looks like that work will include some additional new songs.

'No more beer, no more wine': Arnel Pineda discusses preparing for Journey's marathon concerts

Over his last few years with Journey, Arnel Pineda gets a lot of credit with fans for having recaptured the high-flying vocal pyrotechnics of the band’s platinum era with former vocalist Steve Perry. But it doesn’t come easy.

Debunking the myth that 'You Really Got Me' featured a solo by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

For years now, the legend has gone that Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, a favored sideman for Kinks producer Shel Talmy, actually played the titanic solo on “You Really Got Me” — one of the signature moments in 1960s rock.

Forgotten series: The Movin’ Morfomen – Flashbacks! (1997)

Formed in 1965, the Movin’ Morfomen staged quite an impact throughout their home state of New Mexico. Based in Espanola, situated just north of Santa Fe, the band issued five singles before the decade drew to a close.

'They revitalized us': Kiss' Paul Stanley on the impact of Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer

In the run up to releasing the new Kiss album Monster, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons oversaw the release of a massive retrospective book covering the band’s lengthy history — a process that led to some conversations about former members.

Fans push Stick Men well past fundraising goal, deluxe new album Deep due in October

Over the last few years, Tony Levin’s Stick Men have often stopped touring long enough to crank out a quick EP, before hitting the road again to bring the new music to their fans. This time, Levin says they’re doing it the right way.

'Coming together to celebrate his life and his music': Star-studded concert will honor Levon Helm

A star-studded benefit concert to be held October 3, 2012, at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J., will celebrate Levon Helm, while supporting family efforts to keep his Midnight Ramble concerts going.

Long-bootlegged 1970s concert from the Who digitally remastered for new release

A new DVD focuses on the Who in all of their mid-1970s glory, capturing the iconic band on stage in Houston, Texas, at the start of a massive U.S. tour to promote The Who By Numbers, their seventh album.

Deep Beatles: "The Word" from Rubber Soul (1965)

Deep Beatles: "The Word" from Rubber Soul (1965)

1965 proved to be a busy year for the Beatles. Beatlemania continued to take over the globe, the group maintained a whirlwind touring schedule, they shot the film Help!, and they recorded two albums.

Win the Day – Win the Day (2012)

Charlie Gathe wrote and recorded all of these songs, all by himself. In this way, the stirring desire for connection found on Win the Day makes sense. But the album doesn’t play like a conversation held all alone