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Canadian prog-rockers Saga reunite with Michael Sadler, set release date for new album

Saga is on the loose again. The Canadian prog rockers have reunited with original lead singer Michael Sadler, and will release their 20th studio project on August 28, 2012

'Yes should certainly be in there': Squackett project underscores Rock and Rock Hall of Fame snub

The well-received recent Squackett collaboration between Yes co-founder Chris Squire and Genesis alum Steve Hackett brought together two of prog rock’s most recognizable musical figures.

'Couldn't be happier': Julian Lennon on new collaborations with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler

Julian Lennon will not only be featured on the new Aerosmith album singing background vocals, he has also concluded a full-song collaboration with Steven Tyler.

Mike Keneally – Wing Beat Fantastic (2012)

Mike Keneally seems poised to make the transition from guitar god to art-pop icon. Maybe “pop” is too hasty, as it’s hard to imagine anything from the gifted guitarist being quite so intentionally simple and fun as pop music.

Darius Lux – Time Is Now (2012)

Inspirational but not Pollyanna, musically complex but approachable, Darius Lux’s new EP Time is Now finds a way to encourage without stumbling into comfy bromides, to challenge without becoming radio-unfriendly.

One Track Mind: Motley Crue, “Sex” (2012)

According to Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue’s new single “Sex” sounds like the band’s debut album Too Fast for Love. Maybe Nikki has been around those loud amps too long and damaged his hearing beyond repair.

‘Anxious to work together before we drop dead': Pete Townshend on latest Who reunion

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are set to reunite for a 36-date North American tour as the Who, presenting a concert called “Quadrophenia and More.”

‘He just owns that role': Chris Squire on Yes’ new singer Jon Davison, and what’s next

As Chris Squire and Yes retake to the road for another round of North American tour dates, the co-founding bass-playing leader of the band reflects on a season of change.

Forgotten series: Brain Police – Brain Police (1968)

So much great music gets banished to the vaults, and that includes Brain Police’s demo album. Recorded in 1968, the disc should have fallen into the mitts of a major label

Sugar – Copper Blue (1992; 2012 reissue)

Time was, if you were a real fan, a band’s albums weren’t enough. After burning through the album a million times, you needed more. You turned to singles and EPs