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New Freddie Mercury documentary to include rare footage, unreleased demo tracks

A new documentary focusing on the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury will include a snippet of the unreleased Michael Jackson collaboration “There Must be More to Life Than This”

Desert Island Discs: Double Album Edition

Travel back with us now to a time when rock stars, given a chance to make one good album, would often double down. Did “more” necessarily equal “better”? Well, no, actually. But that’s an argument for a different day.

Download: thenewno2, "Make It Home" (2012)

“Make It Home,” the electronica-drenched lead track from thenewno2′s forthcoming full-length thefearofmissingout, finds George Harrison’s son doing things both expected and completely, very-neatly unexpected.

New Music Monday: Michael Des Barres, Muddy Waters, Robert Plant, Yes

From cool jazz to spooky medieval metal, from honky tonk heroes to some ass-whipping white blues, there something for almost everyone in this exciting edition of Something Else! Reviews’ New Music Monday.

Steely Dan Sunday, "I.G.Y." (1982)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** The Nightfly Overview: Donald Fagen’s first solo album is what I like to call his “George Harrison” moment: that unexpected flash of brilliance coming right after leaving a successful rock band.

The Nervebreakers – Hijack The Radio! (2012)

Now here’s a nice and nasty blast from the past! I admit I had forgotten all about the Nervebreakers until “My Girlfriend Is A Rock” refreshed my memory.

Half Notes: PJ Harvey – White Chalk (2007)

Harvey’s material has never been particularly sunny, but this album is seriously dark. AllMusic uses the word “eerie” in their review and I have to agree – this is haunting, chilling music, all stripped down to bare bones: piano, a few other instruments, and the atmosphere churned up by her voice. This is not easy listening, but it is intriguingRead More

Forgotten series: Earl Greyhound – Soft Targets (2006)

I would like to discuss St. Cilium-Mortua, the little known (but much beloved) patron saint of hearing loss. Primarily the favored saint for cathedral bell-ringers, St. Cilium-Mortua became much more busy in the 1960s and ’70s

One Track Mind: Kiss, “Hell or Hallelujah” (2012)

I won’t say that “Hell or Hallelujah” had the same impact on me as hearing “Unholy” from Kiss’ Revenge record, but it’s a very similar situation.

Download: J.D. Souther – NoiseTrade Sampler EP (2012)

If you know J.D. Souther, one of the 1970s’ unjustly overlooked country-rock svengalis, it’s likely as a collaborator with the Eagles.