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Ben Goldberg – Orphic Machine (2015)

Ben Goldberg – Orphic Machine (2015)

Here is a review of Ben Goldberg’s ‘Orphic Machine’, his salute to the influence of his old college professor, the late poet Allen Grossman. Goldberg, once again sublimely assimilates so many disparate influences, and is able to distill them into a product he projects through his own, kaleidoscopic lens.

Ben Goldberg – Unfold Ordinary Mind (2013)

In 2008, clarinetist Ben Goldberg assembled a conventional ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings. In 2012, Goldberg again assembled an ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings, but this time, the structure of the group for these later sessions is unconventional to match.

Ben Goldberg Quintet – The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact (2006)

by Mark Saleski Too bad that the clarinet was the instrument guys were embarrassed to be stuck with in band.