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Claire Clube and Anne Heaton – Dora (2014)

There are turning points in life that don’t announce themselves. That is, you won’t realize what has happened until long after the fact.

Misty Boyce – Misty Boyce (2010)

If you’ve listened to enough pop music over your years of taking in culture, you’ll eventually come to realize that things just can’t be the way you’d want them to be.

Quodia, featuring Trey Gunn – The Arrow (2007)

When he left King Crimson in late 2003, the first question on most fan’s minds was, “What is next for Trey Gunn?” It took more than three years to get a definitive answer

Regina Spektor – Soviet Kitsch (2005)

by Mark Saleski Call me easily amused, by I’m a sucker for a girl who accompanies herself at the piano by whackin’ a chair with a drumstick. That was how Regina Spektor sang the sassy “Poor Little Rich Boy.” One hand for piano chords, the other for abusing a wooden surface with a stick.

The Friday Morning Listen: Regina Spektor – Far (2009)

by Mark Saleski Lots of review sites have already posted their best-of lists for 2010. We here at SomethingElse! are still in heavy consideration mode. Every single evening for the past couple of weeks we have been locking ourselves into the SomethingElse!Study™ with our slippers, smoking jackets, top-shelf brandy, and sharpened pencils. Now don’t you laugh…Nick looks absolutely swank inRead More