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Bob Marley, “Is This Love” from Uprising Live! (2014)

The picture is grainy, the sound far too tinny. Still, there’s no denying the magic going on as Bob Marley returns to “Is This Love.”

One Track Mind: Keith Richards and Friends, “Words of Wonder/Get Up Stand Up” (2014)

One Track Mind: Keith Richards and Friends, “Words of Wonder/Get Up Stand Up” (2014)

This charity single deftly combines a Richards deep cut with a reggae classic.

On Second Thought: Bob Marley and the Wailers – Kaya (1978)

On Second Thought: Bob Marley and the Wailers – Kaya (1978)

Following the assassination attempt on Bob Marley’s life in December of 1976, he flew to London to escape the imminent threat hanging over him in Jamaica. He’d spend more than a year in Britain, developing and recording songs that would eventually make up both 1977’s Exodus album and Kaya, the subject of this piece. In addition to the overwhelming stressRead More

UB40 – Getting Over the Storm (2013)

UB40 can be forgiven for getting a little maudlin, for enjoying some tear-in-your-beer saloon music. After all, it hasn’t been all red, red wine and roses lately for the British reggae-pop band.

Karlex – Paris, New York, Port-au-Prince (2013)

Sounding something like reggae dub, Paris, New York, Port-au-Prince blends Bob Marley-style political sentiments and thunking music hall beats — with Karlex’s spoken-more-than-sung vocals as the centering point.

Tchiya Amet – Celestial Folk Music (2012)

[youtube] Tchiya Amet creates this interesting subtext, weaving a mystical tapestry of stories, myths, legends and spells through a varied rhythmic landscape. But even if you aren’t familiar with the source material, Celestial Folk Music charms.

Kelly McCarty 3 – Roux Steady (2012)

The eight-string Novax guitar has long the instrument of choice for Charlie Hunter, and the two are as inseparable as was Dizzy Gillespie and his trumpet with the bent-up bell.

The Friday Morning Listen: Desmond Dekker – Israelites: Anthology 1963-1999 (2001)

A funny thing happened to TheWife™ on the way home from work the other day: a six-hour road closure. I’ve complained about my commute before, but not even my worst winter horror story can compare to this

Steely Dan Sunday: "Sign In Stranger" (1976)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Both Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have an affinity for reggae music, one that’s most notably borne out on Becker’s Jamaican-styled Circus Money CD from 2008.

Yellow Dubmarine – Abbey Dub (2011)

When I first got a hold of this CD I gotta admit, I greeted it with a lot of skepticism. Another Beatles covers project? I mean, I think every single Beatles song short of “Revolution No. 9” has been covered at least once, if not a million times.