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Pete Townshend, “Slit Skirts” (1982): Deep Cuts

Less anthematic, in the way of his work with The Who, than it is reflective and frank, Pete Townshend convincingly argues the case for middle-aged rock with “Slit Skirts.” That the gap between the extroversion of his band recordings and the smaller joys of his solo stuff was already disappearing makes this tune all the more memorable. Opening in aRead More

Joe Jackson – Body and Soul (1984)

What if a skinny-tie wearing late-1970s garage bandster — like, say, Joe Jackson — decided to transfer those same dark insights into the bracing, sophisticated context of a large-band jazz record? More than a few, if not every single damn one, would fail. But not Joe. With cover art in the familiar, almost sepia-toned style of Blue Note, and aRead More

Something Else! Featured Artist: George Harrison

George Harrison remains the Beatles’ great unresolved mystery — the guy who might have actually done more had he been in any another band after 1965. Or not. His solo records are a frustrating mix of the sublime, the blatant and the unremarkable. Sometimes within a three-song sweep. Sometimes within the same song. Thus, the unresolved part. George seemed asRead More

Freddie Krc and The Shakin' Apostles – Medicine Show (1997)

NICK DERISO: The title cut of “Medicine Show” is a room-clearing-brawl type of song: It forces you to pay close attention from there on out. Freddie “Steady” Krc and the Shakin’ Apostles reaffirm, and right from the start, their neat amalgamation of mop-top whimsy and Hill Country picking. They make room for this weird modernity, too, allowing at times forRead More

One Track Mind: Dionne Farris, "I Know" (1994)

by Pico Here’s a One Track Mind that’s also a One Hit Wonder. Remember Dionne Farris? If you do, then this song must have made an impression on you, too. This is usually the part where I delve into the artist’s background and deliver the setup to the song of the moment. Well, there isn’t much to say this time.Read More

Half Notes: Machan – Motion Of Love (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Singer/songwriter Machan’s resume reads like Sheryl Crow’s before 1994: an in-demand backup singer for heavies like Sting, Pink Floyd, George Benson, Gov’t Mule, Pat Benatar and Hiroshima. And now, like Crow did back in ’93, she seems to be making an earnest attempt at a solo career with her own material and at the front ofRead More

Velvet Crush – Teenage Symphonies to God (1994)

This adventurous pop Rhode Island trio made something of a critical splash two years earlier with “In the Presence of Greatness,” which Rolling Stone called “the year’s most addictive masterpiece.” So, here was the prescription for this, the follow up: — Ditch the former guy-of-the-moment, Matthew Sweet (a personal friend of the band, it was said then). Add underground wunderkindRead More

Elton John – One Night Only: The Greatest Hits (2000)

NICK DERISO: As pleasant as this compilation of songs from an October 2000 concert by Elton John may be, yeah, there are problems. The truth is, early 1970s records like “Tumbleweed Connection” (a studio release with no – no! – hit singles) and the rollicking “11-17-70” (a live trio album with cover – cover! – songs) are so much betterRead More

Guilty pleasures: Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl (1998)

NICK DERISO: There are funny stories from when the Goo Goo Dolls were nobody. These tales were, before “Dizzy Up the Girl” made them matter, just about the only thing that might help you forget that dumb band name. Almost. The band will talk about the time in Raleigh, N.C. After driving for 18 hours, GGD — not yet theRead More

More Perfect Playlists: Sting’s solo stuff

More Perfect Playlists: Sting’s solo stuff

The ongoing summer reunion tour by the Police — which included last night’s appearance as part of the Live Earth concerts — got me to thinking about Sting’s solo stuff, an often too-precious group of records that has nevertheless had its undeniable moments of transcendent beauty. You want to like Sting, if he would stop acting so smarty. This remixRead More