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One Track Mind: Little River Band, "Happy Anniversary" (1977)

by Pico Honest, we didn’t intend it this way, but it has become 70’s & 80’s Classic Rock Week here at Something Else! Sure, there was a little jazz organ and Louisiana legend thrown in for variety, but at this time last week you couldn’t tell me that our high and mighty little slice of the blogosphere would feature Journey,Read More

Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin'” (1981): One Track Mind

Tony Soprano tucked into a booth at a New Jersey diner, one of those old-time places with a selection of jukebox tunes right at the table. He considered, briefly, something by Tony Bennett, then went with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin,’” and the final, controversial, moments of HBO’s “The Sopranos” — one of television’s most challenging series — began to unfold.

Forgotten series: The dB's

NICK DERISO: News that jangle-pop favorites the dBs (featuring on-again, off-again New Orleans resident Peter Holsapple) have gotten together to put down some new tracks brought me back to 1991’s “Mavericks,” a thoughtful record that would have sounded perfectly at home on an early 1980s college-rock station. Holsapple and Chris Stamey — who along with drummer Will Rigby and bassistRead More

Guilty pleasures: Gino Vannelli, Michael Franks, Hall & Oates, Jeff Lorber

by S. Victor Aaron Guilty pleasures. Admit it, we’ve all got ’em when it comes to music. For some time, now, I’ve been meaning to put a list together for everyone’s amusement. I was reminded of that half-serious promise I made to myself when I came across Rolling Stone Magazine’s back-handed compliment piece listing 25 “undisputed” guilty pleasure bands. Yeah,Read More

Crowded House – Together Alone (1994)

This summer’s reunion of those pop perfectionists Crowded House had me back listening to this terrific mid-90s release, which — like the new tour — does not include longtime frontman Neil Finn’s brother Tim. From its completely realized debut with producer Mitchell Froom to the transformations when Neil and Tim (former leaders of the new wave outfit Split Endz) cameRead More

Something Else! Interview: Vocalist Heidi McCurdy

A little more than a month ago I covered a self-released album by a Vancouver, British Columbia-based jazz-pop vocalist by the name of Heidi McCurdy. Heidi’s music is a prime example of the great singing and composing talent out there still unsigned and undiscovered by a record company. Fickle Mind is a fine document of such talent, a document thatRead More

Cowboy Mouth, ‘Mouthing Off’ / Paul Sanchez, ‘Wasted Lives and Bluegrass’ (1994)

Cowboy Mouth — announced this week as one of the many featured bands at the 2007 Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans — emerged in the early 1990s as a rugged, but distinctly popular rock alternative to the typical fiddle-and-rubboard fare associated with Louisiana music. Not that its New Orleans-based members weren’t capable of spare and emotionally direct work.Read More

Heidi McCurdy, "Fickle Mind" (2006)

by Pico Out of the vibrant music community of greater Vancouver, British Columbia, the same scene that gave the world Diana Krall and Sarah McLachlan, is another female vocalist who’s been influenced by both but has forged a style of her own. And unlike the other two, she is waiting to be discovered. Her name: Heidi McCurdy. Heidi is aRead More

One Track Mind: Ben Folds Five, "Jane" (1999)

Like last week’s OTM, we’re profiling a song played by a pianist whose preferred method of attack is the trio format. Aside than that, there’s nothing that could be more different about today’s flavor, as we go from a twenty-six minute long cerebral jazz track to a three minute pop tune. And since it’s pop, I’m not going to botherRead More

Aaron Neville, indefinable Louisiana legend: Something Else! Interview

Aaron Neville, indefinable Louisiana legend: Something Else! Interview

It’s hard to put a label on Aaron Neville’s music. Even, as we saw in this interview, for Aaron Neville himself.