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Bucher Tan Countryman – Acceptance – Resistance (2017)

Bucher Tan Countryman – Acceptance – Resistance (2017)

Christian Bucher, Simon Tan and Rick Countryman make free jazz without the chaos with ‘Acceptance – Resistance’.

My Alien Mojo – My Alien Mojo EP (2013)

My Alien Mojo is a good name for this EP and a fitting name for this band. The band hails from the Philippines and draws on a funky/spacey guitar sound which recalls American 1980s synth pop.

Books: Greg Kihn’s Rubber Soul — and the plot to kill the Beatles

Greg Kihn is best known these days for 1980s-era hits like “Jeopardy” and “The Breakup Song,” or perhaps for his longtime tenure as a DJ on San Jose’s KUFX. But he’s also been a published author since 1996, starting with “Horror Show”