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Something Else! Featured Artist: The funky, funky JB Horns

James Brown got all of the headlines, be they for his fancy moves, his fancier suits or his brushes with the law. But the JB Horns, those great groovers who provided the punctuation to every grunt, gasp and squeal, remain an underrated element to the legend.

Forgotten series: The JB Horns – Funky Good Time/Live (1993)

by Nick DeRiso Maceo Parker — leader of the ferocious JB Horns, James Brown‘s band and musical backbone back in the day — once put it all in perspective, introducing a song from the stage: “We like to play two percent jazz … and 98 percent funky stuff.”

Pee Wee Ellis – Blues Mission (1992)

“Blues Mission” was the first bonafide solo release by Maceo Parker’s running buddy Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis — one of the funkiest homo sapiens anywhere. Happily included are updated versions of his seminal pieces with James Brown — the immortal, groundbreaking “Cold Sweat,” a sort of emancipation for jazz in the form of a soul-funk voting card. This song isRead More