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Patti Smith – Live at Montreux (2012)

Patti Smith fans, long starved for in-concert material, have seen a veritable tidal wave of live releases lately — including three albums between 2005-08 and then the Live in France DVD from last year. Still, the Festival des Vieilles Charrues film, welcome though it no doubt was, suffered because of bad video quality.

‘I could never listen to his records’: Part of Neil Young’s creative process was avoiding Bob Dylan

‘I could never listen to his records’: Part of Neil Young’s creative process was avoiding Bob Dylan

Neil Young didn’t listen to fellow 1960s rock legend Bob Dylan for years — not because Young doesn’t admire him, but because he feared turning into a mimic.

The Friday Morning Listen: Patti Smith Group – Easter (1978)

I’m beginning to wonder if anybody has passion about anything anymore. And why would I think this? An impromptu study in contrasts.

Patti Smith – Banga (2012)

Remember when Patti Smith used to be considered dangerous?

Half Notes: Patti Smith and Kevin Shields – The Coral Sea (2008)

I’ve always loved it when Patti Smith busts out the poetry notebook. Long before I ever knew what the hell she was talking about, I loved the passion. Aside from a few of the more mainstream poets (Robert Frost, etc.), poetry has always been considered a fringe sort of art. So be it. This is the kind of release thatRead More

New benefit project to include tracks by U2, Pearl Jam, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Sting, others

A new benefit project for model Christy Turlington Burn’s Every Mother Counts program will include tracks from a bevy of big names in rock.

Rob Morsberger – Ghosts Before Breakfast (2012)

The risks in dealing with things that nobody wants to deal with not only suit Rob Morsberger’s art here — they are helping him define his concluding days with a terminal brain tumor.

Forgotten series: Patti Smith – Trampin' (2004)

Lots of people bought their first Patti Smith record back in 1978. Easter was hard to ignore. It had the hit song (“Because The Night”), the provocative cover photo, and a collection of majestic and scary rock & roll.

Something Else! sneak peek: Garbage, "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?" (2011)

All hail the long-awaited return of the ass-kicking rebel chick Shirley Manson and her scraggly band of alterno-rockers in Garbage.

Todd Rundgren, “Love My Way” (2011): One Track Mind

Is there another mainstream performer who could go — who, you know, would go — from making a bashy Yardbirds-do-Robert Johnson blues album over to this aridly propulsive synth-pop?