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The Grateful Dead – Sunshine Daydream (2013)

Listening to a live set by the Grateful Dead, there’s always that awkward moment where you start thinking: “This song again? Did I put it on repeat? — only to find out it’s in fact still the same song

Forgotten series: The Kingsmen – On Campus (1965)

Springing forth from Portland, Oregon, the Kingsmen dashed to the No. 2 spot on the national charts late in 1963 with a tune that was totally different than anything else going on at the time.

Xenat-Ra – Science for the Soundman (2012)

[youtube] Brilliantly off-kilter, completely unquantifiable, Xenat-Ra is, at any given moment, the best prog/free jazz/hip hop/metal band you’ve never heard of.

Forgotten series: Don and the Goodtimes – Don and the Goodtimes (1994)

Not only do Don and the Goodtimes boast a library of great music, but their family tree is quite interesting. To begin with, the band, which formed in 1964 in Portland, Oregon, featured Don Gallucci from the Kingsmen.

YamaYama – Party Dog (2012, EP)

Remember when fusion jazz was both fertile and fun? Eugene, Oregon’s YamaYama does.

Mort Weiss: Getting ready for showtime – when you're the show

This time out, I’d like to delineate how it is for me when I go somewhere to appear as a guest artist. Specifically, I’m thinking about the time I headlined the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon.