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One Track Mind: Anastasia Barzee, "Dinner at Eight" (2011)

Some songs are so personal, so specific, that you wonder if anyone else could ever do them justice. Rufus Wainwright’s “Dinner at Eight,” originally about a confrontation with his often-absent father, was one of them. Until now

One Track Mind: Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani, "Orvieto Improvisation No. 2/Nardis" (2011)

In the winter of last year, Chick Corea and Stefano Bollani performed at the famed Umbria Jazz Festival in Bollani’s home country of Italy, with no other instrumentation beyond two pianos positioned facing each other

One Track Mind: Pat Metheny Group, "Third Wind" (1987)

I like a good guitar solo as much as the next guy, but given a choice between a display of fretboard pyrotechnics vs. something with a little more soul, I’ll always gravitate to the latter.

One Track Mind: Josh Nelson "Atma-Krandana" (2011)

L.A. pianist and composer Josh Nelson has been busy making records (while not backing up Natalie Cole) since his 2006 semi-finalist finish in the Thelonious Monk competition.

One Track Mind: Deep Purple's Roger Glover, "The Car Won't Start" (2011)

A tune that couldn’t be further away from the dark organ-based groove of his band, “The Car Won’t Stop” finds Deep Purple’s Roger Glover indulging in a childhood passion for skiffle.

One Track Mind: Pearl Jam, "Soon Forget" (2000)

by Tom Johnson For an album that seems to get almost totally dismissed outright by fans, 2000’s Binaural sure is packed with an awful lot of extremely strong songs

One Track Mind: Circa featuring Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye, “And So On” (2011)

Circa has every right to sound like Yes, considering that its two principal creative forces are former members of the band, and this is the tune that makes the most of that prog-rock promise.

One Track Mind: Sugar, "Believe What You’re Saying" (1994)

by Tom Johnson One song, two beautiful versions. The first, issued on Sugar’s second and last official “album,” 1994’s File Under Easy Listening, was an aching mid-tempo ballad about the death of a relationship.

One Track Mind: Johanna and the Dusty Floor, “Cloudbusting” (2011)

Kate Bush didn’t make much of a stateside splash, despite achieving fame 25 years ago in Britain. So remakes like this one from Johanna and the Dusty Floor, brilliant though they may be, likely resonate with most listeners as if they were brand new.

One Track Mind: Metallica, "Some Kind Of Monster" (2004)

Metallica released the Some Kind Of Monster EP the same week that a film of the same name opened in limited release, touting it as a “soundtrack” to the “band in therapy” project.