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One Track Mind: Eric Hisaw, “Payphone” (2011)

There’s a specificity to this song, by Austin, Texas-based roots rocker Eric Hisaw, that pulls you all the way into the story.

One Track Mind: David Gogo, “The Way You Make Me Feel” (2011)

A Michael Jackson hit rejiggered as a blues, by a Canadian. It’s enough to make your head hurt. But in a good way.

One Track Mind: Paul McCartney and Wings, "Live and Let Die" (1973)

Let’s look beyond the goofy flutes and whatnot — and the oddly aggressive nature of the song, because it’s just so out of character for the nice man. Paul McCartney screwed up “Live And Let Die” in a huge way

One Track Mind: Katie Costello, “Ashes Ashes” (2011)

There are these moments, throughout the fiery emotional aftermath of “Ashes Ashes,” where Katie Costello gives herself over to the lyric, and the sound is like a hot wind rushing past and out into the world.

One Track Mind: Joe Jackson Trio, "Sunday Papers" (Live, 2011)

Most of the time, good timing is a matter of being lucky instead of being good. For Joe Jackson’s very first album Look Sharp! (1979), he wrote and recorded a ditty “Sunday Papers,” blasting the British tabloid press with lethal doses of sarcasm.

One Track Mind: Curtis Fuller, "Sweetness" (2011)

Well-known from the first as a trombone player with a penchant for warm, vocalized blues phrasing, Curtis Fuller was always an underrated composer, as well

One Track Mind: John McLaughlin, "Recovery" (2011)

Guitarist John McLaughlin, decades after his audacious late 1960s’ stateside debut with Tony Williams and Miles Davis, has lost none of his power, virtuosity and vision

One Track Mind: Rebirth Brass Band, "Shrimp and Gumbo" (2011)

Rebirth Brass Band comes out hotter than a pistol on “Shrimp and Gumbo,” another in the long line of lip-smacking New Orleans songs about food, yet there remains an underlying theme of musicianship.

One Track Mind: Larry Goldings, "In My Room" (2011)

Larry Goldings, the jazz organist and long-time James Taylor sideman, opens his second acoustic piano solo release with this update of “In My Room,” a Beach Boys’ 1963 pop masterpiece

One Track Mind: Glenn Danzig, "Come to Silver" (2007)

by Fred Phillips When Johnny Cash came to work with Rick Rubin in the 1990s, American Records had another man in black already on the roster — Glenn Danzig.