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One Track Mind: Nick Drake, “Reckless Jane” from The Phoenix and the Turtle (2014)

That there was unheard music from Nick Drake, dead four decades now, is one thing. That is as delicate and funny as “Reckless Jane” makes it all the more of a wonder.

One Track Mind: The Hooters’ David Uosikkinen, “Beat Up Guitar” from Essential Songs of Philadelphia (2014)

David Uosikkinen reunites with fellow founding members Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian for an anthematic reworking of “Beat Up Guitar,” originally the closing track from the Hooters’ folkier, more personal 1989 release Zig Zag. There could perhaps be no better concluding song for Uosikkinen’s new Philly-focused set of songs.

One Track Mind: John Wesley, “Mary Will” from Disconnect (2014)

A heart-wrenching tale of the search for redemption, with a calescent riff to match, John Wesley’s “Mary Will” is for everyone who ever worried they’d never overcome the mistakes of the past.

One Track Mind: Jack White, “High Ball Stepper” from Lazaretto (2014)

One Track Mind: Jack White, “High Ball Stepper” from Lazaretto (2014)

A gloriously off-kilter instrumental blues from Jack White, “High Ball Stepper” advances the rootsy weirdness that made 2012’s Blunderbuss such a fizzy wonder. It will catch a groove, then devolve into a wide-open space of ruminative piano, then evolve again into a blister of smeared guitar sound. Is there such a thing as prog blues?

One Track Mind: Future Islands, “Seasons (Waiting On You)” from Singles (2014)

By all rights, this should not be my kind of thing. A synth-pop band fronted by a singer who’s bubbling over with earnestness? Sometimes, the “rules” just do not apply.

One Track Mind: Bob Mould, “Hey Mr. Grey” from Beauty and Ruin (2014)

One Track Mind: Bob Mould, “Hey Mr. Grey” from Beauty and Ruin (2014)

Bob Mould, after decades of concussive punk-pop, could be forgiven for downshifting. And you might have even expected such a thing, with a new song called “Hey Mr. Grey.” To which Mould responds with a hardy gut punch of metallic fury.

One Track Mind: Joe Henry, “Lead Me On” from Invisible Hour (2014)

This is a love story, told from inside a heart — not meant for public consumption, in the broadest sense of the word. This isn’t How I Met Your Mother; it’s how I found a way to express something that maybe only I understand.

One Track Mind: Arc Iris, “Whiskey Man” from Arc Iris (2014)

I hadn’t had the feeling for a long time: that crestfallen heaviness of learning that a band had broken up. It’s something that really used to hit me when I was a kid. Attachments to bands and their music were particularly powerful, and when a breakup was announced…it felt personal.

One Track Mind: Julian Lennon, “Guess It Was Me [Acoustic]” from Everything Changes (2014)

One Track Mind: Julian Lennon, “Guess It Was Me [Acoustic]” from Everything Changes (2014)

Julian Lennon’s stripped-bare version of “Guess It Was Me,” just released as part of a new song-by-song video project for his most recent studio project Everything Changes, more clearly defines its message of personal empowerment. There is much to regret, Lennon says, but little time for doing so. Change can only be effected when we stop ruminating and get onRead More

One Track Mind: GWAR, “The Road Behind” from America Must Be Destroyed (1992)

After hearing of the passing of Dave Brockie, known to GWAR fans as alien conqueror Oderus Urungus, I wanted to write something about Scumdogs of the Universe, my personal favorite record by the band. But in the days that followed, I kept coming back to this song. “The Road Behind” seemed somehow fitting, and a perfect representation of what GWARRead More