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One Track Mind: Scott Robinson Doctette, “Mad Eyes” (2012)

One Track Mind: Scott Robinson Doctette, “Mad Eyes” (2012)

CAUTION: Contains perilous and daring musical adventures. Do not attempt. —Warning on back cover of Scott Robinson Doctette’s Bronze Nemesis CD

One Track Mind: The Beach Boys, “Isn’t It Time” (2012)

One Track Mind: The Beach Boys, “Isn’t It Time” (2012)

After the latest implosion in a journey filled with cratered disasters, there are songs by the Beach Boys that I just can’t listen to anymore — in particular “Isn’t It Time”

One Track Mind: Neil Young, the Sadies and Garth Hudson, “This Wheel’s On Fire” (2012)

The forthcoming Garth Hudson Presents: A Canadian Celebration of the Band, curated and performed alongside co-founding keyboardist Garth Hudson, is nearly set ablaze by this ferocious new take on “This Wheel’s on Fire.”

One Track Mind: Rowdy House, "Don’t Let a Liar Lead You" (2012)

Rowdy House, a group of anonymous non-partisan roots rockers, returns with another cautionary tale – this time, for those who think elections don’t matter.

One Track Mind: Paul Westerberg, "My Road Now" (2012)

There can’t be any better way, really, for a suddenly unveiled track from Paul Westerberg to begin than with a false start, followed by the erstwhile Replacements leader blurting out: “Fuck me.”

One Track Mind: Charlie Hunter, "Blind Arthur" (2012)

Jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter has the blues, or at least his version of such things, on this new song.

One Track Mind: The Jackson Investment Company, "What Can I Say" (1967)

Whenever I’m asked what my very favorite song in the whole wide world is, I promptly reply, “What Can I Say” by the Jackson Investment Company.

One Track Mind: Ben Folds Five, "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" (2012)

This is the sound of a group returning to something it loved, something that made sense in its time — and still does again, in the playing.

One Track Mind: Jordan Young, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" (2012)

A few years ago Pat Metheny made a solo guitar “covers” record What’s It All About, a record I adore as much for the melodies he picked as how he nursed them.

One Track Mind: Third International, "Chemical Eyes/ Good Friday at Little Rock" (2012)

As Third International’s new double-sided single “Chemical Eyes/ Good Friday at Little Rock” spins, one thing becomes utterly clear: There’s no round hole to put this square peg.