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One Track Mind: The Jesus Lizard, "Mailman" (1996)

by Tom Johnson “Mailman” is singer David Yow’s tale of a woman being stalked by some creepy bastard who likes to send her little love notes through the mail.

One Track Mind: ANT-BEE, featuring Peter Banks, "Endless Journey" (2011)

“Endless Journey,” a thrilling little space-rock number by ANT-BEE, begins appropriately enough: With a countdown and then a rocket launch. The unmistakable tone of Peter Banks’ guitar floats by next

One Track Mind: Sun Ra, "It's After The End Of The World" (1972)

One Track Mind: Sun Ra, "It's After The End Of The World" (1972)

By Mark Saleski Like mystery novels, poetry, or any other form of art, music has a lot of uses. We’re sad and pull out those old Son House records. Happy? How about some Speaking In Tongues-era Talking Heads? Is romance in the air?

One Track Mind: Blondie, "Rapture" (1980)

Recently, there’s been some talk about the latest date purportedly marking the End Of Times, and if I remember correctly, that day is today. So if the biblical calculations are correct this time, this will be my sign-off post. Hey, it’s been real.

One Track Mind: Bobby and Suzy, "Sink Hole" (2011)

At first, there’s a homespun innocence about Bobby and Suzy, this brother-and-sister duo. Recording in their music room at Charleston, S.C., you can almost see them as they once were

One Track Mind: Michael Ray, “Piano Blues” (2011)

West Coast-based pianist Michael Ray has been performing with sibling drummer Stephen since they were 10 and 7 years old, respectively. Together, they’ve played more than 2,300 concerts together. That deeply ingrained sense of musical brotherhood, almost like the two are finishing each other’s sentences, plays out on the idiosyncratic, cool-rocking single “Piano Blues.” Michael opens the song with gospel-tingedRead More

One Track Mind: The Cars, "Blue Tip" (2011)

“Blue Tip” is tensile and itchy then soaring and romantic — the closest this new record, the Cars‘ first in 24 years, gets to approximating its own career-making mixture of Ric Ocasek’s weirdo aloofness and Benjamin Orr’s sun-drenched pop warmth. Orr, of course, passed in 2000 after a bout with cancer, and his absence is sometimes deeply felt. It was,Read More

One Track Mind: Aloe Blacc, "Mama Hold My Hand" (2010)

Just as Mike and the Mechanics’ “The Living Years” reminds me of my father, there’s now a song that brings fond thoughts of my dear mother, to whom I dedicate this song. During this time of year, a lot of us reflect a lot on what our mother means to us. A mother doesn’t nurture her child by breast milkRead More

One Track Mind: Walt Weiskopf, “Love for Sale” (2011)

Saxophonist Walt Weiskopf’s first-ever in-concert recording Walt Weiskopf Quartet: Live, issued earlier in the month on Colorado-based Capri Records, is special in another personal way.

Something Else! sneak peek: Sade, "I Never Would Have Guessed" (2011)

A new offering from Sade’s forthcoming 28-track two-disc hits package The Ultimate Collection, “I Would Never Have Guessed” turns every candle-lit romantic notion about Sade’s music on its ear.