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Mort Weiss: Joey DeFrancesco projects showed the difference between music, and the music 'business'

This is the story of two collaborations with Joey DeFrancesco that you almost never saw — or the difference between music … and the music “business.”

Mort Weiss: There were big stars at this LA party, but I didn't shine so brightly

Let’s set the scene: Actress Polly Bergen’s Malibu Beach house, 1965. The cast of participants includes Jack Lemmon and his wife Felicia Farr, Kirk Douglas, Jackie Gleason, Steve Allen and his wife Jayne Meadows

Mort Weiss: Getting ready for showtime – when you're the show

This time out, I’d like to delineate how it is for me when I go somewhere to appear as a guest artist. Specifically, I’m thinking about the time I headlined the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival in Portland, Oregon.

Mort Weiss: Let's compare your average jazz cat to those with classical gas

This question goes way back, but is still relevant in 2012: Who’s the better musician — a jazz or classical player? I remember talking to someone, about someone, and the cat asking: Is he jazz or legit?

Mort Weiss: A first-take life, with everything from hard times to hard rock

When I first started doing these articles I gave no thought as to the chronological order in which they occurred.

Mort Weiss: Paul Whiteman's TV show, and spending New Year's Eve with Ella Fitzgerald

I was quite active in the early days of live television, most of which was shot in Hollywood, California. Sometime in the latter part of 1951, I got a call from the director and producer of many teen-oriented TV shows.

Mort Weiss: Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry once blew us away under LA's Big Top

Los Angeles/Hollywood, California, in the late 1940s through the early 1960s was a happening place for jazz and jazz musicians. There was always a place to play a jam session, or more correctly session(s)

Mort Weiss: Two strangers on a train, me and another kid named Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley. I spent most of a day and night with the cat, back in March or April 1956. Me? I was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas in the 1st Infantry Division — the Big Red One

Mort Weiss: On white guys playing the blues, and Benny Goodman practicing nude

Yes, I drank muddy water — and slept in a hollow log! Um, hmm! I said that I steady drank muddy water, and slept in a hollow log. Ah huh!

Mort Weiss: On the state of jazz, Coltrane clones, and the noose of technology

Some thoughts and comments — bound to piss some people off and others smile. Do I feel that I am an expert on what I’m about to say? The answer is a resounding yes! Onward.