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David Weiss and Point of Departure – Wake Up Call (2017)

David Weiss and Point of Departure – Wake Up Call (2017)

Using bright, open-minded up-and-coming musicians much as Miles had done throughout his career, Weiss through Point of Departure very effectively uses a forgotten, fertile slice of jazz’s past to suggest a way forward.

Tony Grey – Elevation (2013)

There are more than a few jazz fusion bassists out there with outstanding dexterity, who’ve mastered every Jaco Pastorius lick and made some fusion record full of endlessly serpentine melodies.

Brian Landrus Kaleidoscope – Mirage (2013)

“Landrus shows he has the goods to take his muse down whatever path he chooses and produce a winner every time.” This ending to my review on Brian Landrus’ last album Capsule (2011) is also an apt way to begin an assessment of his next album, Mirage.

David Weiss & Point of Departure – Venture Inward (2013)

Sometimes, a good thing is worth repeating. In 2010, Weiss released Snuck In, a souvenir from a club date in NYC two years earlier (additional tracks from that gig were issued the following year as Snuck Out).

Le Boeuf Brothers – In Praise Of Shadows (2011)

The Le Boeuf Brothers, like many of the younger jazz musicians today, crave bashing up jazz of their formal training with the Bjork, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens of their iPod playlists. And as I’ve come to realize, this often has great results. But these identical twins, Romy (reeds) and Pascal (piano, keyboards and occasional vocals) are determined to do evenRead More

Bobby Selvaggio – Grass Roots Movement (2011)

Photo from by S. Victor Aaron For a serious post-bop performer to take a leap into Grooveland, it can often be a risky bet. Will they be able to keep their artistic integrity? Will they even care? A couple of years ago, alto saxophonist Bobby Selvaggio made his second album (his first for the Arabesque Recordings label), leading aRead More