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Gavin Templeton – In Series (2013)

You know how one bulb goes out on a strand of Christmas lights and the whole strand goes dark? That’s because the lights are connected “in series.” Gavin Templeton makes the same observation in life and society in general

Daniel Rosenboom – Book Of Omens (2013)

Daniel Rosenboom’s “Book of Omens” – Official Trailer from Alex Chaloff on Vimeo. Daniel Rosenboom’s Book Of Omens could have been the name of a mystic novel, or a play, consisting of several of discreet but related acts. Instead, it’s a musical narrative, but one that still leaves an impression of artwork of linked by chapters, or ideas.

Vinny Golia Sextet – Abstractions and Retrocausalities (2011)

It used to be, “West Coast jazz” meant Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Manne and Chet Baker. When thinking of West Coast jazz today, my thoughts tend toward Scott Amendola, Alex Cline, Sarah Wilson, Will Bernard, Rich Halley, Jeff Gauthier