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Band of Horses – Mirage Rock (2012)

Band of Horses is still pushing their love of dusty-booted Americana through a busted guitar amp, only this time they’ve turned it up a little.

One Track Mind: Ben Folds Five, "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" (2012)

This is the sound of a group returning to something it loved, something that made sense in its time — and still does again, in the playing.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – Live at the NEC, October 24, 1989 (2012)

A new three-disc CD/DVD set celebrates that strange period in which a band not called Yes, including most of the individuals credited with the Yes sound, put together an album and tour that sounded just like … well, Yes.

Dr. Lonnie Smith – The Healer (2012)

The Healer begins not with a fiery assertion of his soul-jazz supremacy, but with a smoky rumination called “Back Track” — and Dr. Lonnie Smith and Co. remain right there, stubbornly outside of expectations.

Gimme Five: Solo albums from members of Pink Floyd

Nobody is going to accuse Pink Floyd — whether collectively, or apart — of inundating the market with product. The group has only issued three projects in the last 30 years, while its members have been just as stingy with solo albums.

Desert Island Discs: Box Set Edition

Given a chance to stuff five box sets into our baggage before that fateful trip, our panel of intrepid travelers has selected the Beatles and Miles Davis as must-have items. But not by much.

Darren Jay and the Delta Souls – Drink My Wine (2012)

There’s not much Memphis blues traveler Darren Jay can’t do, as his varied, deeply absorbing Drink My Wine makes abundantly clear.

Aimee Mann – Charmer (2012)

If there’s a knock on Aimee Mann, and I’m not sure I buy this, it’s that the singer-songwriter’s albums haven’t always done enough musically to properly feature her mood-setting lyrical complexity. Charmer certainly answers the criticism head on.

Fred Hersch Trio – Alive at the Vanguard (2012)

The title is so very appropriate, and not just because this set was recorded during a week-long stint at the Village Vanguard. Fred Hersch, after a near death experience in 2008, has never sounded more present — more, in short, alive.

Various artists – Joy Road: The Complete Works of Pepper Adams (2012)

It’s perhaps faint praise to call Pepper Adams one of the best of jazz music’s baritone saxophonists, so thinly populated is the confederacy of players on this most unwieldy of instruments.