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Bowerbirds – The Clearing (2012)

Having weathered all kinds of bad luck and bad times – including, but limited to, breaking up, serious illness and having their dog hit by a car – Beth Tacular and Phil Moore reconvened for another go at Bowerbirds.

Rocco DeLuca – Drugs 'n Hymns (2012)

To be so organic, so uninhibited and free — during the song “Amen,” Rocco DeLuca actually turns from the microphone, filling the room around him with a howling lament — Drugs ‘n Hymns is often grounded by the familiar.

More Perfect Playlists: 2011 Yes Album [With Jon Anderson, Billy Sherwood and Alan White]

More Perfect Playlists: 2011 Yes Album [With Jon Anderson, Billy Sherwood and Alan White]

It has been, quite literally, the best of times and the worst of times for fans of Yes.

Best of February 2012: Reader picks include Paul McCartney, Van Halen and (big surprise) Adele

Little surprise here, but nothing topped Adele last month. When you diss the consensus album of the year, people tend to take notice. Heh.

One Track Mind: Dr. John with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, "Revolution" (2012)

Deeply wounded by the way his hometown drowned in the wake of Katrina, Dr. John has spent the last few years railing against The Man. But he’s never sounded so focused, so full of both piss and vinegar.

Despite sad end, bluesman Gary Moore still remembered as ‘an inspirational player’

Those who played with Gary Moore remembered his furious ingenuity rather than his sad passing, as news broke this week that the legendary guitarist died a year ago from alcohol poisoning.

Something Else! Interview: Bass-playing jazz legend Stanley Clarke

A new seven-album retrospective from Legacy focuses on one of Stanley Clarke’s most innovative periods, his solo Epic recordings of the 1970s.

Heritage Blues Orchestra – And Still I Rise (2012)

This begins, as most blues albums do, with a stamping rhythm and this heartfelt lyric in celebration of a bunch of stuff that’s not good for you. Only then, that chewed-clean template is joined by these bright blasts of shiny brass newness.

Half Notes: Mark Lindsay – The Complete Columbia Singles (2012)

Mark Lindsay, coming off a career-making period as frontman for Paul Revere and the Raiders, proceeded to reel off a string of solo hits for Columbia in the early 1970s

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson – Live at the US Festival 1983 (2012)

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson took the stage of the 1983 US Festival as confirmed crossover country stars — but without all of the sell-out slickness that’s attached to the term these days.