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Dr. John – Ske-Dat-De-Dat: Spirit of Satch (2014)

Dr. John – Ske-Dat-De-Dat: Spirit of Satch (2014)

He never stops experimenting, never stops surprising, and never stops entertaining.

Nicholas Payton – Numbers (2014)

Nicholas Payton – Numbers (2014)

‘Numbers’ coolly delivers Payton’s message of natural flow. It’s funky-good, angular vibe jazz.

One Track Mind: Nicholas Payton, “Drag Dog” from #BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns (2013)

One Track Mind: Nicholas Payton, “Drag Dog” from #BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns (2013)

This song, a new live interpolation of a Miles Davis cut from 1961’s Someday My Prince Will Come, might be the best argument Nicholas Payton has ever made for the use of the term Black American Music (or #BAM) instead of jazz.

Ellis Marsalis on the term 'jazz': "Music can never be changed by a name"

Regarded as the preeminent modern jazz figure in New Orleans, Ellis Marsalis would have had a sweeping impact as a musical innovator and longtime educator even had he not parented a series of famous jazz-playing sons

For trumpeter Nicholas Payton, a three-month vow to stop using the term "jazz"

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton has announced a 90-day personal moratorium on using the word “jazz,” according to a new interview posted at “On March 7,” Payton says, “I’m definitely going to start using it again.”

Gimme Five: Nicholas Payton on Dear Louis, Fingerpainting, Sonic Trance

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to the boundary-pushing Nicholas Payton

Something Else! Interview: Jazz trumpeter Nicholas Payton

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton may have begun his journey as part of the traditionalists in the early-1990s Young Lions movement, but he couldn’t have emerged any further afield.

Christian McBride Big Band – The Good Feeling (2011)

In a way, Christian McBride has been working on this big-band project all along. The talented jazz bassist’s interest in this format began almost 20 years ago

Half Notes: Stanley Jordan – Friends (2011)

A sharper direction on this new release, not to mention an all-star backing cast, helps Stanley Jordon overcome many of the stereotypes that have dogged him since rising to fame in the early 1980s. Back then, Jordan was riding a wave of attention over his use of a eye-poppingly fast guitar string-tapping technique, but ultimately — save for a fewRead More

Nicholas Payton – Sonic Trance (2003)

by Mark Saleski Why do people hit a musical wall at a certain point in their life? They stop listening to anything put out after their high school (or college) years. Worst of all: they just stop listening. Music is no longer a part of their life.