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Uri Gurvich – Kinship (2018)

Uri Gurvich – Kinship (2018)

Uri Gurvich’s ‘Kinship’ is a celebration of differences, both cultural and musical, and yet it retains a sense of the great warmth of harmony.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Declared ‘Time’s Up’ – Way Back in 1972

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Declared ‘Time’s Up’ – Way Back in 1972

As the Time’s Up / #metoo women’s movement rages on, Mike Tiano notes that John Lennon and Yoko Ono boldly addressed this issue decades ago.

Forgotten series: Cashman and West, “American City Suite” (1972)

Forgotten series: Cashman and West, “American City Suite” (1972)

This was the kind of moody, piano-oriented drama later associated with Billy Joel.

One Track Mind: Damian Joyce with Keith Emerson, “When You’re Around” (2014)

Offered with a rough-hewn, acoustic grace, Damian Joyce’s paean to the Big Apple unfolds with a warm confidentiality. But the beginning? Pure Keith Emerson.

Taeko Fukao – Wonderland (2013)

Perhaps the most captivating out of many captivating things found on Taeko Fukao’s Wonderland is the choices the Japanese-born, New York-based songstress makes.

Daniel Bennett, jazz saxophonist: Something Else! Interview

Daniel Bennett is a saxophonist originally hailing from the beautiful city of Rochester, New York. He is now based in New York City.

Something Else! Interview: Singer Kosi

Akosua Gyebi is a singer with a wondrous voice and range. Her latest release One More Cup Of Coffee received some great reviews, and she is steadfastly making inroads into the music industry.

One Track Mind: Jonus Preston, “Heaven to Hell” (2013)

New York-based singer-songwriter Jonus Preston combines the stark fragility of Jeff Buckley with the anthemic qualities of Coldplay on a song that utterly captures the disorienting rush of falling in love.

Kosi – One More Cup Of Coffee (2013)

Akosua Gyebi — otherwise known as Kosi — is a vocalist with a range and distinctive style all her own. Her debut One More Cup Of Coffee leaves a lasting memory

Peter Calandra – Ashokan Memories (2013)

Peter Calandra doesn’t just invite you along for a keenly felt rumination on the Catskills with Ashokan Memories, he takes you into his personal, deeply emotional feelings about this special place.