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Barry Adamson – Back To The Cat (2008)

by Pico It’s a CD that might be best enjoyed with a bucket of popcorn and a box of Ju Ju beans. That’s probably the way Barry Adamson intends for it to be, too. Ever since his first solo album Moss Side Story from almost two decades ago, Adamson has parlayed his enthusiasm for classic cinema into nearly every releaseRead More

James McMurtry – Just Us Kids (2008)

When we last touched on the music of Texas troubadour James McMurtry, it was to examine his sophmore effort Candyland. Back then, his burgeoning career was aided by a Columbia Records contract and the helping hand of established vet John Mellencamp. Sixteen years and seven albums later, McMurtry needs no help from any major record company or big time rockRead More

Dave Douglas & Keystone – Moonshine (2008)

Since I enjoy listening to forward-thinking musicians of the NYC jazz scene and have discussed a quite few of them already, it’s perhaps inevitable that I was going to touch on trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas. The introduction of a new Douglas CD gives me the perfect excuse to do that. To adequately describe Dave Douglas’ music up to now and theRead More

Dave Stryker Quartet – Strike Up The Band (2008)

by Pico Dave Stryker can’t seem to stop releasing CD’s and I can’t seem to stop chatting them up. Already this space has been taken up by reviews of a ten-year-old fusion record and a smokin’ hard-bop 2007 release of a sax-guitar quartet co-led with Steve Slagle. Stryker runs the whole gamut of jazz styles and band formats from rockin’Read More

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – Lil Tae Rides Again (2008)

photo by Zack Smith by S. Victor Aaron The first thing you should know about the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey is that there is no Jacob Fred in the band. The second thing to be aware of is that their music is not always jazz—at least not “jazz” in the conventional sense. As I’ll explain later, it’s become even moreRead More

The Wood Brothers – Loaded (2008)

by S. Victor Aaron The lead singer and guitar player plays in an electric blues band in Atlanta. The bass player is in New York as one third of the premier acid jazz band of the last ten years. You might say that these guys form a musical odd couple. Truth is, The Wood Brothers is a natural combination, andRead More

Steve Reid Ensemble – Daxaar (2008)

by Pico For both the man and the music, it’s a story of three continents. Bronx native drummer Steve Reid has been everywhere and played for nearly everyone. He grew up across the street from Thelonius Monk and three blocks from John Coltrane. As a teenager he drummed for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas–that’s his distinctive backbeat on “Dancing InRead More

Kurt Rosenwinkel – The Remedy: Live At The Village Vanguard (2008)

by S. Victor Aaron Kurt Rosenwinkel first got my attention as the cerebral but melodic guitarist on Brian Blade’s masterpiece Perceptual back in 2000 and then via Rosenwinkel’s own major work of art Heartcore from three years later. That vastly overlooked record was a commanding balance of musicianship, texture and composition that today remains one of the best fusion releasesRead More

Lizz Wright – The Orchard (2008)

by Pico Over the last five years Lizz Wright has become a widely known and respected singer in jazz circles. But much as Eric Bibb often gets unfairly pigeonholed as just “blues” I sort of resent the “jazz” bin she is often put into. That’s because the very thing that makes Wright a compelling listen is her hard-to-categorize style thatRead More

John Ellis & Double-Wide – Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (2008)

by Pico Of all the sax-organ-sousaphone-drums ensembles out there, John Ellis & his Double-Wide ensemble really do stand out. That might be because there aren’t any other such ensembles out there. To get to this point where he’s leading such an unusual combo, North Carolina native John Ellis had been on a musical odyssey that took him from singing hymnsRead More