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Various Artists – Freeway Jam, To Beck And Back (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Maybe Nick’s covered a couple of “various artists” albums on this blog, I don’t remember. But until now, I’ve stayed away from them. It’s hard to assess these kind of albums as a whole, when there’s so many styles and approaches coexisting on the same record. Usually these records have more the feel of a collectionRead More

Something Else! Interview: Emerging jazz star Sam Yahel

by S. Victor Aaron Whether it’s for gigging with Joshua Redman, opening for Steely Dan, sessioning with Norah Jones or forging a new approach to the jazz organ, Sam Yahel deserves your notice. Find out what sets Yahel apart from other Hammond B-3 players and get his insights on why his just-released CD ‘Truth And Beauty’ isn’t just for jazzRead More

John McLaughlin/ Jaco Pastorius/ Tony Williams – Trio Of Doom (2007)

by Pico A band made up of the godfather of fusion guitar, the undisputed greatest innovator of the electric bass guitar and the best drummer of them all is a fusion jazz dream. And for the very briefest of time, John McLaughlin, Jaco Pastorius and Tony Williams formed a power trio to top all power trios. One that Jaco coinedRead More

Sam Yahel Trio, Truth And Beauty (2007)

by Pico Joey deFrancesco. Tony Monaco. Larry Goldings. Barbara Dennerlein. All at the forefront of the current generation of jazz organists and heirs to the mantle of Jimmy Smith, Charles Earland and Jack McDuff. Oh yeah, there’s one more notable: Sam Yahel. But with the release this week of his fourth effort Truth And Beauty, Yahel is making the caseRead More

Michael Brecker – Pilgrimage (2007)

photo by Darryl Pitt by S. Victor Aaron Michael Brecker’s untimely passing at age 57 last January was, to me at least, one of the bigger blows to jazz music in a long time. But this piece isn’t going to be a eulogy to him because we’ve covered that already. Instead, it’s a celebration of some terrific music he posthumouslyRead More

Porcupine Tree, “Fear Of A Blank Planet” (2007): One Track Mind

I tried but, damnit, I just couldn’t ignore Fear Of A Blank Planet any longer. Whenever someone asks me who among the current crop of prog rock bands they should explore, Porcupine Tree is always on the top of my list. While I enjoy Yes-reincarnated outfits like Spock’s Beard, PT seems to be one of the few earnestly trying toRead More

Scott Fisher & 1am Approach, Step Into The Future (2007)

by Pico On the radio they don’t play no rebel music. A few months ago we bemoaned the dearth of talent promoted by record labels while there’s an abundance of it out there unsigned, and put forth Vancouver’s own Heidi McCurdy as an example of overlooked artistry. About three hundred miles south in Portland, Oregon is yet another diamond inRead More

Jean-Luc Ponty – The Acatama Experience (2007)

Back in January we covered two of JLP’s albums from the early eighties at once, to examine a turning point in this French violinist’s approach to jazz-rock. This time around, there’s a brand new release to examine and twenty-five years later, Ponty is still effectively leveraging much of the same ideas he came up with then, and at other pointsRead More

Joel Frahm – We Used To Dance (2007)

by Pico Sometimes a record doesn’t smack you across the head on the first listen but at some point…maybe that 3rd or 4th listen…it hits you: “Damn! This is some well made, well played music!” That’s how it was with me for Joel Frahm’s new release, We Used To Dance. Frahm isn’t a guy who isn’t writing a new chapterRead More

Robin Eubanks & EB3 – Live, Vol. 1 (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Since the mid-sixties, jazz musicians have sought to combine electronic instruments with jazz to create something new and fresh sounding. The most obvious result of this mix is called fusion, but others have managed to do it taking different approaches that uses these instruments to actually expand their musicianship, instead of watering it down. The latestRead More